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From Cube Hobby Boxes at Libraries to Water Dishes for Big Cats – Creative Uses for Products Purchased from RJ Cox

RJ CoxAre you one of those individuals who loves to come up with creative ways to use a products?  We know that there are many of you out there taking items you purchased from RJ Cox and using them in creative ways which help you do your job more efficiently or live your life better.  In this blog post, we’re going to share some of these alternate uses and stories.  But we also want to hear from you – our customers – to learn of the creative ways you have repurposed products you purchased from RJ Cox.

Let’s start with the Cube Hobby Box.  These boxes – with a 31 litre capacity – are constructed from food grade polyethylene.  They are stackable, come in four colors and feature built-in grips for easy handling.  With features like this, Cube Hobby Boxes are perfect for food storage, displaying meat and seafood items and also for transporting food.

cube hobby boxBut take another look at these Cube Hobby Boxes and what else do you see?  Well, our clients at the Toowoomba Main Library and Ryde Library saw them as the perfect solution – not for seafood and meat display – but for organising, moving and storing books and other library items.

We’re sure you could also find a number of household and office uses as well.  Ones like storing cleaning items, organising toys and clothes, stashing away files and file folders and many others.

Want to hear another very interesting use (Something we are sure the manufacturer never dreamed about.) for a product we sell here at RJ Cox?  Well, if you happen to have a few lions or tigers lounging around the backyard, then you might want to pick up a few Rubbermaid products.

Here’s a blog post to explain what we mean.  And while we’re thinking about it – with backyard full of big cats – you will also probably have yourself quite a scooping and disposing job on your hands. The Rubbermaid Lobby Pro Deluxe Upright Deluxe Pan could serve that purpose quite handily.

Lastly, we’d like to share an item that is a favorite for our hospitality clients.  The Mobile-Pack Caddy offers a cartless solution for hotels looking to get rid of large, unsightly and inconvenient housekeeping carts.  There are, however, other interesting, alternative uses for these products.  Hairdressers, photographers and teachers are just a few of the professions who find Mobile Caddy Packs extremely useful for organising, storing and transporting their tools of the trade.

Contact RJ Cox to tell us all about your creative uses for your favourite products or share directly by commenting below.

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Take Home a Few RJ Cox Tote Boxes to Restore Sanity in Your Home

9227352_mA new Sony Playstation – the PS4 – is set to hit shelves in December just in time for Christmas in the United States.  The company just made the announcement recently as rumors had been flying all over the gaming community of late.  And no, your computer has not been hacked and you have not accidentally stumbled upon the wrong blog.

So why are we sharing video game news here on the RJ Cox blog?  Well, its simple.  With a new gaming system, comes new games – lots of new games.  And if you are like some of the parents here at RJ Cox, you have a child or children at home who clutter your home up with these video games.  And yes, there are plenty of parents out there that might be just as guilty of not picking up their clutter after they sneak in a few hours of video gaming after the kids go to bed..

This is where RJ Cox comes in the picture.  The son of one of our team members is a crazy video game addict.  And to make sure she didn’t pull her hair out because of all the video games strewn about her son’s room and anywhere else gaming was taking place, she decided to take home a few of our Tote Boxes to help restore a little sanity and order to her home.

There are many reasons why these storage containers are perfect for corralling video games.  These Tote Boxes feature solid injection molded construction which makes them very strong and very stable.  A byproduct of these benefits is that our Tote Boxes will hold up – even when packed full of heavy objects – when you stack them on top of each other.  RJ Cox also offers these storage containers in three different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for all your storage needs.

If you need to find a simple, safe way to declutter your home or office, these space-saving storage boxes are the perfect solution.  We’ve even heard rumors that you can use them to store other items besides video games.  And if your storage needs involve transporting or storing food, the Tote Boxes from RJ Cox fit the bill.  They are safe for storing meat, fish and other foods.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 4.56.39 PM

So parents, brace yourself for the onslaught of new Sony PS4 video games (and yes, a new Xbox is on its way too!) and purchase a few RJ Cox Tote Boxes today.  They’ll make the perfect storage solution for new games and a great way to pack away all the old ones also.  Now, you’ll just have to find a way to get your child to actually clean their room and put all those games away when they’ve finished another marathon video gaming session.


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