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Praise – another happy RJ Cox customer

9741013_mBased on MY experience with them, (and if it were up to me) RJ Cox Engineering would “scoop the pool” next weekend at the Best Small Business Awards!

It’s my firm opinion that the true nature of a supplier is more likely to be revealed when things go wrong, as distinct from when all is well.

When my fabulous RuXXac XL Hand Cart was delivered to me over a year ago, with its German factory seals still unbroken, it proved to be one of the very few that hadn’t been properly assembled. The result was a folding mechanism that “bound” on deployment.

Contacting RJ Cox Engineering http://www.rjcox.com.au/ecms/ yielded an instant response along the lines of “We stand by everything we sell. We’ll sort it out as soon as you can get it to us.”

Accordingly, I dropped in to their Mt Kuring-Gai base in Sydney’s North, to be welcomed as though I was actually a part of their family-run company.

I’d never encountered them before …and haven’t done so since the immediate inspection, full overhaul and test of my (subsequently correctly assembled) trolley, a rapid procedure that happened before my astonished eyes.

This hand truck’s worked almost every day since. It shifts roughly half a tonne of heavy road cases in and out of venues almost every day, occasionally via staircases and over rough ground.

It’s amazingly compact, easy to store and deploy, astonishingly light, yet very rugged, as well as being super-smooth over terrain.

I thought I’d hold off a fair while on writing about it, just in case something in its uniquely compact and featherweight mechanism would fail in use that regularly borders on abuse.

I’ve given up waiting.

It doesn’t ever look like its going to happen.


(Sydney, Australia)

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Tooting Our Own Horn with a Side of Customer Appreciation – Thanks from RJ Cox

5277270_mWait,,,do you hear that?  Hard to distinguish isn’t it?  Need a hint?  That sound you would be hearing loud and clear – if our blog appealed to the sense of hearing – it’s the sound of the RJ Cox crew patting ourselves on the back.  And yes, if you could see this spectacle of our entire team contorting and hitting ourselves on the backs, you’d definitely have a good laugh!

Why all the back-patting?  Well, we’re just really excited for making the finals the Best Small Business Awards at the upcoming Business Excellence Forum in Sydney.  The event, held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre February 21 – 23, wraps up with, “a black-tie gala event recognizing the ‘Best of the Best’ in small and medium sized business achievement and success.”  So yes, not only do we have a chance to take home a humongous trophy (we hope) but we also get to show off in our fancy black-tie attire.

What is the Business Excellence Forum?  This is a two-day business educational event featuring, “8 of the top speakers in the world of small business, as well as daily breakout sessions.”  Of course, knowing the RJ Cox team the way we do, they’ll be just as excited about the food and drink as they are picking up on a few, new business strategies.

But in all seriousness, we want to thank all of our wonderful customers for your support of RJ Cox.  Each of you should take a moment to pat yourself on the back as well.  Our business could never be in the position to be recognised for an award like this without your support.

We’ll keep you informed on how the awards go and whether or not we walk away with a big trophy.  In fact, if we do take home one of the top spots and bring home a trophy, maybe we’ll have a party here at RJ Cox and invite each of you.  Of course, to protect our trophy, we might just have to display it – locked up safe a sound – in one of our safety cages.  This lockable, secure and sturdy Gas Cylinder Storage Cage for Cranes should do the trick!

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