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Pat Yourself on the Back – You’ve Helped RJ Cox Receive a Nomination for a Telstra Business Award!

9765411_mRecently, we gushed with excitement, tooted our own horn, and showed appreciation to all of our wonderful customers over being nominated and making the finals of the Best Small Business Awards at the Business Excellence Forum in Sydney.  Well, excuse us again as we break out the horn for a little more tooting!  Just when our heads started to shrink back to a normal size, RJ Cox learned that we were recently nominated for the Telstra Business Awards.

What are the Telstra Business Awards?  Instead of us trying to explain, why don’t we let the folks over at the awards website do the talking.  “Prestigious and coveted, the Awards program celebrates the country’s entrepreneurs and innovators. It offers a unique chance for small to medium businesses to be recognised for their hard work, commitment and of course, success.”

And we have to admit, the exposure and recognition are great.  However, we also hope to take home one of the top spots and to share part of the $500,000 worth of prizes.  Besides the prizes, this nomination also gives RJ Cox the opportunity to, “join the Telstra Australian Business Awards Network, allowing continued networking in a private and exclusive online environment.”

Here at RJ Cox, we are definitely excited to be a part of this highly-recognized and prestigious awards program.  But this success is also yours – our customers.  Without our great customers, we would never be successful enough to be nominated for any awards.  Serving you is what drives us day in and day out.

So, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to do what we enjoy and for helping RJ Cox continue to be nominated for great awards like this one.  And who knows, if we keep racking up the nominations and bring home a few big, shiny trophies, we might just have to have a big celebration.  We’ll pack the cool bins full of beer, break out the chocolate wheel and have one of our general purpose spill kits on site in case the celebration gets a little out of hand.

PS Clearly that’s not us in the wiggly thumbs up pics, that’s just a good looking bunch of people in a stock image 🙂

Wish us luck with the Telstra Business Awards.  Thank you for your support and help.  Now, let’s sit back, wait and get ready to celebrate!  What are you bringing to the party?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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