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The Scented Smell of Success – An RJ Cox Business Partner Spotlight

RJCoxcandlesHere at RJ Cox, we only stock products of the highest quality.  And, we always strive to deliver a customer experience that is reflective of the quality products we deliver.  Customers, like yourself, both appreciate and expect these characteristics.

Why are we telling you this?  Well, its not because we like to brag on our positive traits.  Although, a little pat on the back never hurt anyone right?

Actually, the reason we are bringing this up in this blog post is that we’d like to show a little appreciation to a business we work with on a regular basis.  Some of you may have even received this company’s products as a surprise, thank-you gift for an order, referral or RJ Cox testimonial.  If you have received a hand-poured candle packaged alongside your Clax Cart Trolley or Carver Scooter Moped Surf Rack order or after sending us an email full of praise for our excellent customer service, then you know exactly what we are talking about.

Endless Candles is a company that we are proud to work with and to have produce our very own candles.  They have been in business for over ten years creating beautiful products from the highest quality materials.  And as we mentioned above, their candles are hand poured and crafted by skilled artisans.

Whether you are looking for custom made candles for your wedding, a customised scent specific to your desires, or the perfect candles to hand out to your wonderful, thoughtful, amazing customers like we do, then this company is the absolutely best choice.  And, it is not just us here at RJ Cox heaping praise on Endless Candles.  The company also just won a whole heap of awards at the Business Excellence Forum earlier this year.

So do yourself a favor and visit the Endless Candles website to learn more about one of our favorite business partners.  You’ll find product information as well as details for both wholesale and retail ordering.  And if you would like to sample one of their hand-poured candles, then we know where you get one as a thoughtful thank-you gift for placing an order for a hot product, referring a wonderful company to your friends or sharing a testimonial.

Now, please excuse us for a moment as we pour a hot bath and enjoy the aromatic pleasure of our favorite, hand-poured, scented candles.



Candles modelled by RJ Cox team member Lee.  For more information about any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking right here

Lions, Tigers and Rubbermaid! Oh My!

IMG_2097What do lions and tigers have to do with Rubbermaid products sold by RJ Cox?  You wouldn’t think there was any kind of correlation between big cats and the popular line of Rubbermaid items we stock and sell to our wonderful customers.  And here at RJ Cox Engineering, we would have never put the two together either.  But that was before Joanne’s trip to the States.

In the past, we’ve shared the humble beginnings of Rubbermaid with readers of our blog   We’ve provided you details of all the outstanding features and durability of products like Rubbermaid Baby Change Tables and recycling products.  However, we’ve never been able to show you how Rubbermaid can take on the biggest cats that prowl the planet until now.

Of course, we don’t know of any of customers who have pumas, leopards, lions or tigers roaming their place of work.  But if there are any of you out there, please, by all means share those photos and testimonials!  Okay, back to the matter at hand.

On a recent trip to the United States, we just happened to find Rubbermaid products in a work-environment like no other we’ve seen before.  That environment was at the The Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Indiana.


IMG_2102And if you want to see how durable and tough Rubbermaid products are, then this was the place to come.

From our photo, you can see that the centre is using this Rubbermaid product in a way its designers most likely never imagined it being used.  But it is not really the oversized, watering dish for big cats that we want to focus on with this post.  What we really would like to do is to give our readers an introduction to this wonderful rescue centre, its amazing staff and beautiful, big cats.

Here’s a quick overview of the EFRC off of their website.  “With over 225 exotic felines calling the EFRC home, we are one of the largest rescue centers in the United States for abused, unwanted and neglected exotic felines.  Since its founding in 1991, the EFRC

has served as a nationally recognised leader in big cat rescue, conservation and care.”  We encourage you to learn more about the EFRC on their website.

If you are in the States, we recommend a visit to The Exotic Feline Rescue Center.  You can even stay overnight and spend some time with the keepers visiting areas not open to the general public.  And if you have a love for these big cats but will never be venturing to the area, you can still support the centre’s mission with donations or by making a purchase in their online store.

Lions, tigers and Rubbermaid:  Now that is a phrase we here at RJ Cox never imagined using.  But after our visit to this wonderful rescue centre for big cats, it is one we are glad we had the opportunity to experience in person.



For more information about Rubbermaid and the products available from RJ Cox, please contact us.


Spring into Your Spring Cleaning with RJ Cox Storage and Organising Options

8007574_mWhen spring is in the air, do you have cleaning and organising on your mind?  If you can’t stand looking at your cluttered home or workplace any longer, then you have come to the right place.  RJ Cox has the perfect products to fulfill all your organising and storage needs.

Do you need to find more room on your shelves for food products?  Why not store away some of the items that you do not use on a regular basis to make room for those that you do use regularly?  Here at RJ Cox, we have a number of food grade storage items.  Our stack and nest crates storage containers are lightweight, uv resistant and are the perfect multipurpose storage solution for personal or business use.

Speaking of multipurpose, our food grade, clear stack and nest crates are very useful – not only for food items – but also for helping keep your home organised.  With these clear crates, you can easily find your stored household items without having to open and unpack container after container.  These lightweight storage containers come in a variety of sizes and will be a hit in the home or office.

Are you looking for something more suitable for a workplace environment to help store and organise products which require you to follow safety precautions and regulations?  Would it be a surprise if we told you that RJ Cox has exactly what you are looking for whether you need to organise and store flammable items, pesticides, chemicals or other toxic substances?  Of course not, our customers know we have just about every kind of product you could ever need to make your job or life easier.

For our customers who need a safe, space-saving storage option for flammable items, make sure to give our flammable storage cabinets a look.  These fully welded cabinets feature a number of safety features are fire tested, FM approved and exceed AS1940 compliance.  Our pesticide storage cabinets are another great RJ Cox safety product for storing and organising dangerous, harmful pesticides.  These safety cabinets are delivered fully assembled and are manufactured in accordance with Aus standards AS/NZS 4452:1997.

Looking for an innovative storage solution for your dangerous chemicals?  You must check out the Superiorpak Chemical Storage IBC E1664A..  This 500L chemical bulk storage container is made from durable plastic and eliminates the need for a metal frame.  Besides providing a storage solution, these innovative containers are designed to for easy organisation and transportation.  We know you will love these chemical storage containers from Superiorpak.

We’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to storage and organising options from RJ Cox.  No matter when the spring cleaning bug bites you or whether you need organising for your home, workplace or on the go; contact RJ Cox and we’ll get the right item in your hands fast!




Don’t Be Left Out – Join the Clax Cart Trolley Crowd Today!

clax_cartFollowing the crowd isn’t necessarily the way we like to do things around here at RJ Cox.  Instead, we like to stand apart from the crowd and differentiate ourselves from the competition in the way we run our business and over deliver for our customers.  There are times, however, when being a part of the popular crowd is the smart thing to do.  For you, this is one of those times.

What are we talking about?  Well, we’re talking about the Clax Cart Trolley – an item that has quite a popular following.  This is one of the products we provide here at RJ Cox that everyone can use.  You’ll find them in hospitals, nursing homes, offices and just about any other type of business.  In fact, you’ll even find them taking on all types of household tasks.

These Clax Carts are not like the latest fad which disappears into oblivion after a meteoric rise to popularity.  That is why – in this case – we don’t feel bad telling our customers they should succumb to peer pressure and fall in line with the crowd.  You see, it’s not that we want you feel left out like you’re the only one in the office that hasn’t seen the latest viral cat video on YouTube.  Instead, the reason why you need to be a part of this crowd is because Clax Carts are high-quality, easy-to-use, extremely-durable, multi-purpose products.

Just take a look at some of the features of these 2-tier collapsible, folding trolleys from Clax Cart.  This cart’s folding mechanism is way of ahead of its time and provides quick, easy collapsing at the push of a button.  Once these folding trolleys are collapsed, they are completely flat and take up minimal storage space.  And along with the push-button folding feature, lightweight Clax Carts also offer a foot-operated parking brake, removable wheels and one collapsible basket.

For those of you who want to join the crowd but don’t necessarily want to look exactly like the crowd, you’ll be glad to know that there are multiple options available for our Clax Cart Trolleys.  You can also purchase hard covers, soft insert / privacy covers and full-length weather covers to protect whatever it is you are keeping in your Clax Cart baskets.  If you need extra capacity with your 2-tier Clax Cart Trolley upper basket, you can purchase optional custom rod support.  Make sure to ask us here at RJ Cox about all the options we offer to customise your Clax Cart.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 10.03.35 AM

So, contact us today to learn more about these highly popular and very useful items.  And once you see how well these operate in the workplace and make everyone’s jobs easier, feel free to tell your boss it was your idea.  We don’t mind at all.




Rubbermaid Safety Signs Help Create a Happy, Safe Workplace Environment

Here at RJ Cox, we like to keep things on the light side.  However, one thing that is no laughing matter is workplace safety.  Work-related injuries cost Australian businesses billions of dollars yearly.  You can help your business not fall prey to workplace injuries and, worse yet, workplace fatalities by instilling proper training and utilising safety products when needed.

At RJ Cox, we implement workplace safety practices in our work environment, and we like to provide our customers with the best safety products available to ensure they keep their staff, teams and customers safe as well.  In today’s blog post, we’ll introduce you to our line of safety signs from Rubbermaid.

Our folding “Caution Wet Floor” Rubbermaid Safety Sign is an old-standard when it comes to workplace safety products.  This lightweight sign folds for easy transportation and storage.  And because it is from Rubbermaid, you can rest assured that – while it is lightweight in pounds – it is no lightweight when it comes to toughness.

For those of you looking for something a little different than the traditional folding safety sign, RJ Cox also carries the 4-Sided “Caution Wet Floor” Sign.  Like its 2-sided relative, this folding safety sign from Rubbermaid is durable and lightweight.  Unlike the traditional 2-sided sign, this sign features warnings in that are viewable from all four directions.

Need to block off a doorway while cleaning up a workplace spill?  You’ll want to pick up a few of our Rubbermaid Site Safety Hanging Signs.  This bright yellow sign and pole combination features the words “Closed for Cleaning” in bold black letters.  The pole’s torsion action allows you to hang this sign in any doorway grabbing the attention of individuals and blocking access to the area.  The materials are tough and durable and the sign itself is easily rolled up for storage.

Rubbermaid Pop-Up Safety Cones are a favorite for businesses.  Not only do they fold up easily and come with a wall-mounted storage tube, but they also feature multi-lingual caution warnings along with a wet floor symbol.  These safety cones are quick to deploy, easy to store and constructed to handle the abuse of any workplace.

No matter what type of workplace safety products you need, RJ Cox has you covered.  From safety step stools to the above safety signs from Rubbermaid, you’ll find the perfect product to help you establish a safe working environment.  Have any workplace safety tips or questions?  Please share them in our comment section below.




For more information, we would love you to contact us

Step to It with RJ Cox Step Stools and Safety Steps

Step_Safe_BobbySearching for step stools or safety steps?  RJ Cox has you covered.  And because we – like many others – know that variety is the spice of life, RJ Cox gives you a wide-range of safety steps and step stools to choose from in our inventory.  Folding, rolling, jumbo, 2-step, 3-step, stainless steel: you’ll wear yourself out just going through the list of RJ Cox step stools and safety steps.

And if we took the time to introduce you to every piece in our inventory, there would have no time to train for Ironman competitions or to even enjoy a cold, refreshing beer.  Instead, we’re going to share some of favorites here.  But to be the nice, customer-friendly company we are, we’ll also give you a link at the end of the post to our main step stools and safety steps website page so you can peruse our inventory yourself..

Our Superiorpak Step Safe is a favorite among our customers and is used by a number of businesses like Woolworths, Coles, Liquorland, Bunnings, Drillers World and Target.  What makes these safety steps from Superiorpak so popular?  Well, contrary to popular belief, we can’t read minds.  But we do have a good idea that some of the features like the extra wide base platform, no-slip steps and 200kg maximum weight load carrying capacity help.  Or, it could also be the fact that RJ Cox offers quantity discounts on these Superiorpak Step Safe steps that make them so popular.

We know how organised and efficient many of you are with your space because of the popularity of our line of containers.  That’s why we know customers like you will love our Folding Safety Step Ladders.  Not only do these step ladders fold for easy storage, but they also come in 2-step, 3-step and 4-step sizes.  And don’t mistake these for your ordinary step ladders.  These folding safety step ladders are lightweight, but they are also constructed from heavy-duty tubular steel making them perfect for industrial use.

We’ve only scratched the surface with the two items mentioned here on our blog.  If you want to check out – and we highly-recommend that you do – our entire inventory, just point and click your mouse over to our Safety Steps and Step Stools page on the RJ Cox website.   It’s a safe bet that you’ll find something that matches your requirements for a safe climbing apparatus.



For more information: Contact the team by clicking this link



You Won’t Be Able to Contain Yourself When You See Our Line of Storage Containers

Too Easy BMP71 ImageLooking for a way to spend those rainy winter days?  Full of energy with nothing to keep yourself occupied?  Well, we can think of many things to occupy your time.  Unfortunately, most of those are absolutely unproductive and a few might leave you with a heck of a hangover.

So, instead of wasting the days away, why not put those idle hours to good use?  Why not go on an organising frenzy and clean up your cluttered home, office or business?  Here at RJ Cox, we’ve got exactly what you need to get you started and to finish the job.

For starters, take a look at our wide-range of plastic storage containers.  Stackable, nesting, food grade:  Whatever you have to organise and store, we’ve got you covered.  Don’t believe us?

Take a look at all of these containers/boxes!  We’ve got trays with dividers.  We’ve got 31 litre cube hobby boxes.  We’ve got security crates with hingeable locking lids.  It really doesn’t matter what you need to store, RJ Cox has the perfect container.

Has your wife been begging you to get that diesel fuel out of the spare bathroom?  Well, you’re in luck.  We’ve got freestanding diesel tanks ranging from 240 to 10,000 litres.  Are you looking to organise the extra produce you’ve been storing in your closet?  Well, we’ve got three sizes of produce crates.  We’ve even got crate skates to help you roll your storage containers here, there and everywhere between.

No matter what you’re organising and storing – food, tools, video games, books, circus collectibles – at some point, you will want to get your hands on them again.  If you’re not using one of our durable, food grade, clear crates or trays; then you’re going to have to have some kind of system to know what is where and maybe how long its been there.

Think RJ Cox has something to fill that need?  You bet we do!  Take a look at this Brady label printer.  You’ll never have to worry about playing the annoying, tedious, mystery-box game again.

This BMP71 portable printer from Brady is both useful and fun to use.  But our clients operating in an industrial environment shouldn’t worry, this rugged label maker is made to tackle any environment and stand up to the test of time.  Home organisers or business storage – this is the perfect tool to help you label your containers.

So, the next time you’re trapped for days in your office or home with nothing to do but watch the rain bounce off your windows, do yourself a favor and take the time to store, organise and label.  And when you’re done, feel free to pat yourself on the back.  You’ve done good.

Have any storage tips or use any of our storage containers at your place of business or home?  Please share in the comments below.


For more information: Contact Us

Cut the Cost of Your Business’s Waste Disposal with Recycling Products from RJ Cox

9T92_w_Accessories_2Here at RJ Cox, we love saving our customers money.  One way we can directly affect your business’s bottom line is by providing high-quality products at affordable prices.  We’re also happy to help you save money in an indirect fashion by providing your business with the tools it needs to decrease waste disposal costs.

In a 2012, “study into commercial and industrial (C&I) waste and recycling in Australia by industry division”, it was found that, “The total cost of material inputs that are subsequently disposed of as waste is estimated to be over $26.5 billion per year, of which a proportion is avoidable, demonstrating that there could be significant savings for businesses by using materials more efficiently”  One of those more efficient ways of disposing waste is, obviously, recycling.  That’s where RJ Cox comes into the picture.

No, we are not starting a new division here in our company.  We’re not going to begin picking up recycling materials from your business.  We are, however, going to give you the tools to help your employees and customers collect materials to be recycled for you.

One of these tools is the Rubbermaid 9T92 Triple Capacity Cleaning Cart and the Rubbermaid Recycling Bags (sold separately).  The cleaning cart from Rubbermaid is built to last from non-rusting and easy-to-clean aluminum and structural web plastic construction.  Its compact design allows for easy storage and the swivel castors and wheels make the cart easy to push and pull and for navigating tight spots.  The Rubbermaid bags used with the cart come in three colors (red, green and blue) which helps speed up the sorting process.

Another product we offer our customers to help with the waste disposal and recycling collection process is the Transit Litter and Recycling Receptacle.  These durable Transit Receptacles are constructed from corrosion-proof stainless steel which comes in four different finishes.  So, not only do you get a product that will last a long time (keeping it out of the landfill), but your business will also receive a product with an attractive design.

These bins come with lids in case they will be placed in an outdoor environment.  The easily-distinguishable graphics help with sorting cans, bottles, paper, etc.  Each internal compartment provides 20 gallons of storage and the receptacles can be freestanding or easily mounted/secured to surfaces.

Whether you choose the Rubbermaid cart with recycling bags or the Transit bin, you will not only receive an affordable, durable high-quality product, but you will also be purchasing products that save your business money.  And yes, your business will also gain a good bit of good will by pleasing your customers who now expect you to help contribute to a greener planet.  Anyway you look at it, these recycling bins from RJ Cox are a win-win for everyone involved.



Contact us for more information


Training Hard to Provide The Best Customer Service Possible at RJ Cox

11071127_mYou know how hard we work to deliver the best customer service possible here at R.J. Cox.  But did you know that we train just as hard to make sure we are able to deliver an excellent customer experience for each and every order?  Being the best takes hard work and the R.J. Cox team is willing to make that sacrifice for you – our customers.

How do we do it?  Well, our daily training regime includes an early morning run.  We follow that up with a lunch break on the bike.  Lastly, we close out our day with a nice, long swim.  A training regime like this prepares us for any customer service issue we encounter.

Hold on a minute…that’s not how we train to deliver the best possible customer experience for each and every order our customers place with R.J. Cox.  No, that’s how some of our team members are preparing for the Half Ironman at Port Macquarie in October.

Sorry about the confusion – but – while we have your attention, we might as well share the secret training weapon our team is using during their preparation for this grueling competition.  No, it’s not rehydrating regularly with cold beer.  We’re talking about Rubbermaid Action Packer storage containers.
While our competitors must waste precious training time cleaning their cars to rid them of the smell of wet, sweaty training gear, the R.J. Cox team keeps their cars smelling fresh and clean by storing their wet clothes in these rugged storage containers from Rubbermaid.  And because we offer them in three sizes, these Rubbermaid Action Packers are perfect for any storage task.


Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 9.51.43 AM

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 9.51.56 AM

If you’re worn out at the end of your training day, no worries.  They seal tightly keeping the sweat and smell inside!  When you’re ready to clean you

r gear the next morning, just empty your Rubbermaid storage container and give it quick rinse with the hose.  Remember, every second counts when you’re prepping for the big race!

Will these durable storage containers help our team blow the competition out of the water and allow us to add more trophies to our overflowing trophy case?  (Okay, we made that part up about the trophy case.)  You’ll just have to check back in October to see how we’ve done.  But, you don’t have to wait that long to find out how great these Rubbermaid Action Packer containers are.  You can order yours today!

And about that customer service training…well, we can’t talk about that.  It’s top secret.  But you can rest assured knowing the RJ Cox team continues to strive to deliver the best possible customer service experience and best possible products to all our customers.



Contact Us: If you’d like more information or if you have any enquiries about anything on our website please call +61 (0)2 9486-3006 or  email: info@coxengineering.com.au and we’ll contact you.

Restore Order to Your Disorderly Kitchen with Food Services Solutions from Rubbermaid

16039211_mHow unorganised is your kitchen?  Are you always using the edge of the counter to open your beer because you can’t find a bottle opener under the piles of disorganised forks and spoons?  Have you found yourself just throwing in a tablespoon of salt to your dessert recipe because you can’t find the where you  left the sugar container?  There’s no need to settle for broken bottles and bitter cakes when you can quickly organize your kitchen with a couple of our product offerings.

Let’s start with the Mobile 3 Tier Cutlery Trolley.  This is the perfect food service solution for drawers or containers of disorganized cutlery.  And for our customers with really, really large families, we’re willing to bet you’ll like it too.  This cutlery trolley is made from stainless steel which means it is highly rust resistant and also easy to clean.

How many cutlery shelves does it hold?  We’re glad you asked.  You can fit four cutlery trays on each of these trolleys.  And don’t worry about all that weight.  Our Mobile 3 Tier Cutlery Trolley glides across the kitchen floor on 50mm ball type twin wheel castors.  When you order your trolley, remember that the trays come separate.  You’ll love these and you’ll never have to open your beer bottles on your kitchen counters again!

For the chef looking to organise the disorganised ingredients used in their recipes, we’ve got the perfect product.  Our Rubbermaid ProSave Ingredient Bins are sure to make the frustrated cook a happy cook.  And because these bins are from Rubbermaid, you know they are high-quality products.

So what ingredients go into making these kitchen organising bins so special?  First, they feature a patent-pending one-handed access and an integrated measuring tool to help increase preparation efficiency in your busy kitchen.  They also feature a clear door to help you quickly identify ingredients and the space-saving design allows you to have multiple bins in smaller spaces.  And yes, these Rubbermaid ProSave Ingredient Bins are certified to NSF Std. No. 2 making them the perfect ingredient organiser for any food service kitchen.

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 10.14.47 AM

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 10.16.18 AMHere at R.J. Cox, we know that a disorganised kitchen can be much more than a frustrating kitchen.  Disorganised and messy kitchens can lead to food safety issues and employee accidents.  That’s why we are glad to offer the perfect, high-quality solutions to all your food service and kitchen needs.  Contact us today to learn more.