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The Scented Smell of Success – An RJ Cox Business Partner Spotlight

RJCoxcandlesHere at RJ Cox, we only stock products of the highest quality.  And, we always strive to deliver a customer experience that is reflective of the quality products we deliver.  Customers, like yourself, both appreciate and expect these characteristics.

Why are we telling you this?  Well, its not because we like to brag on our positive traits.  Although, a little pat on the back never hurt anyone right?

Actually, the reason we are bringing this up in this blog post is that we’d like to show a little appreciation to a business we work with on a regular basis.  Some of you may have even received this company’s products as a surprise, thank-you gift for an order, referral or RJ Cox testimonial.  If you have received a hand-poured candle packaged alongside your Clax Cart Trolley or Carver Scooter Moped Surf Rack order or after sending us an email full of praise for our excellent customer service, then you know exactly what we are talking about.

Endless Candles is a company that we are proud to work with and to have produce our very own candles.  They have been in business for over ten years creating beautiful products from the highest quality materials.  And as we mentioned above, their candles are hand poured and crafted by skilled artisans.

Whether you are looking for custom made candles for your wedding, a customised scent specific to your desires, or the perfect candles to hand out to your wonderful, thoughtful, amazing customers like we do, then this company is the absolutely best choice.  And, it is not just us here at RJ Cox heaping praise on Endless Candles.  The company also just won a whole heap of awards at the Business Excellence Forum earlier this year.

So do yourself a favor and visit the Endless Candles website to learn more about one of our favorite business partners.  You’ll find product information as well as details for both wholesale and retail ordering.  And if you would like to sample one of their hand-poured candles, then we know where you get one as a thoughtful thank-you gift for placing an order for a hot product, referring a wonderful company to your friends or sharing a testimonial.

Now, please excuse us for a moment as we pour a hot bath and enjoy the aromatic pleasure of our favorite, hand-poured, scented candles.



Candles modelled by RJ Cox team member Lee.  For more information about any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking right here

Rubbermaid Safety Signs Help Create a Happy, Safe Workplace Environment

Here at RJ Cox, we like to keep things on the light side.  However, one thing that is no laughing matter is workplace safety.  Work-related injuries cost Australian businesses billions of dollars yearly.  You can help your business not fall prey to workplace injuries and, worse yet, workplace fatalities by instilling proper training and utilising safety products when needed.

At RJ Cox, we implement workplace safety practices in our work environment, and we like to provide our customers with the best safety products available to ensure they keep their staff, teams and customers safe as well.  In today’s blog post, we’ll introduce you to our line of safety signs from Rubbermaid.

Our folding “Caution Wet Floor” Rubbermaid Safety Sign is an old-standard when it comes to workplace safety products.  This lightweight sign folds for easy transportation and storage.  And because it is from Rubbermaid, you can rest assured that – while it is lightweight in pounds – it is no lightweight when it comes to toughness.

For those of you looking for something a little different than the traditional folding safety sign, RJ Cox also carries the 4-Sided “Caution Wet Floor” Sign.  Like its 2-sided relative, this folding safety sign from Rubbermaid is durable and lightweight.  Unlike the traditional 2-sided sign, this sign features warnings in that are viewable from all four directions.

Need to block off a doorway while cleaning up a workplace spill?  You’ll want to pick up a few of our Rubbermaid Site Safety Hanging Signs.  This bright yellow sign and pole combination features the words “Closed for Cleaning” in bold black letters.  The pole’s torsion action allows you to hang this sign in any doorway grabbing the attention of individuals and blocking access to the area.  The materials are tough and durable and the sign itself is easily rolled up for storage.

Rubbermaid Pop-Up Safety Cones are a favorite for businesses.  Not only do they fold up easily and come with a wall-mounted storage tube, but they also feature multi-lingual caution warnings along with a wet floor symbol.  These safety cones are quick to deploy, easy to store and constructed to handle the abuse of any workplace.

No matter what type of workplace safety products you need, RJ Cox has you covered.  From safety step stools to the above safety signs from Rubbermaid, you’ll find the perfect product to help you establish a safe working environment.  Have any workplace safety tips or questions?  Please share them in our comment section below.




For more information, we would love you to contact us

Pat Yourself on the Back – You’ve Helped RJ Cox Receive a Nomination for a Telstra Business Award!

9765411_mRecently, we gushed with excitement, tooted our own horn, and showed appreciation to all of our wonderful customers over being nominated and making the finals of the Best Small Business Awards at the Business Excellence Forum in Sydney.  Well, excuse us again as we break out the horn for a little more tooting!  Just when our heads started to shrink back to a normal size, RJ Cox learned that we were recently nominated for the Telstra Business Awards.

What are the Telstra Business Awards?  Instead of us trying to explain, why don’t we let the folks over at the awards website do the talking.  “Prestigious and coveted, the Awards program celebrates the country’s entrepreneurs and innovators. It offers a unique chance for small to medium businesses to be recognised for their hard work, commitment and of course, success.”

And we have to admit, the exposure and recognition are great.  However, we also hope to take home one of the top spots and to share part of the $500,000 worth of prizes.  Besides the prizes, this nomination also gives RJ Cox the opportunity to, “join the Telstra Australian Business Awards Network, allowing continued networking in a private and exclusive online environment.”

Here at RJ Cox, we are definitely excited to be a part of this highly-recognized and prestigious awards program.  But this success is also yours – our customers.  Without our great customers, we would never be successful enough to be nominated for any awards.  Serving you is what drives us day in and day out.

So, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to do what we enjoy and for helping RJ Cox continue to be nominated for great awards like this one.  And who knows, if we keep racking up the nominations and bring home a few big, shiny trophies, we might just have to have a big celebration.  We’ll pack the cool bins full of beer, break out the chocolate wheel and have one of our general purpose spill kits on site in case the celebration gets a little out of hand.

PS Clearly that’s not us in the wiggly thumbs up pics, that’s just a good looking bunch of people in a stock image 🙂

Wish us luck with the Telstra Business Awards.  Thank you for your support and help.  Now, let’s sit back, wait and get ready to celebrate!  What are you bringing to the party?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.


We love questions, contact us with any specific requirements you may have.


Must have products for fundraising

14505967_mAre you hosting a fundraiser at your school?  Want to bring some fun to your next company gathering?  Looking for a few ideas to spice up your organisation’s next charitable event?  We’ve got your covered!

And like all our other great  products, purchasing promotional products from RJ Cox is no game of chance.  We only stock the highest quality inventory.  And you’ll never have to get lucky in order to receive a great price and the highest level of service.  But enough about us, let’s talk about some of our customer’s favorite promotional products.

Whether you are a school trying to raise money for educational supplies, a charitable organisation holding a fundraising event or any other type of group promoting an event, you have to get the word out.  Our ticket stands and postergrip wall mounted frames are the perfect fit for the job.  Both promotional signage products feature designs that make changing your event signage simple and fast.  They also come in multiple dimensions allowing for a variety of sizes of promotional signs.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 11.00.36 AMOnce you get people to the party or event, you definitely want to keep them entertained.  A crowd favorite at any charitable gathering or office party is the chocolate wheel.  Here at RJ Cox, our customers can purchase a table top chocolate wheel or our popular freestanding chocolate wheel.  Either one is a sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Both chocolate wheels are available with or without numbers (only pins) and both can come with artwork for an additional price.  The chocolate wheel for table tops is mounted on black tri-colored legs to keep it sturdy and upright.  Our freestanding chocolate wheel has a removable pole so it can be packed away and stored easily.  Both of these chocolate spinning wheels come in two wheel sizes – 60cm and 80cm.

Another item that is sure to get the crowds involved and help you raise money or just create a fun atmosphere is our competition barrel.  Like our spinning wheels, we offer both a table top competition barrel as well as a freestanding competition barrel.  Both of these fun promotional items come with lockable wheels and door, a security pin, and a clear perspex barrel.

Our competition barrels for tabletop use come in three sizes – 600 x 500mm, 500 x 400mm, and 400 x 250mm.  The freestanding competition barrel standard sizes are 600 x 500mm and 1000 x 600mm.   These stand alone competition barrels can also come in custom sizes and with chrome stands for an additional price.

If you have any questions about the above products or any other RJ Cox promotional products, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We can’t wait to help you make your event or party a huge success!

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 12.36.10 PM


Tough Times for NSW Oyster Farmers Dealing with POMS

13535535_mHere at RJ Cox, we wanted to send out our thoughts and well wishes to NSW oyster farmers who are dealing with the recent outbreak of Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome.  The POMS outbreak is causing a dire situation with growers as millions of oysters were wiped out overnight in the Hawkesbury which is north of Sydney.  Sadly, even with the assistance of the NSW government, some oyster farmers could be forced to shut their doors and leave the industry.

The cause for Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome is still not clear.  However, many are linking the recent to heatwave to this outbreak.  While POMS is devastating to oyster crops, there is no health risk to humans and the oysters that are on the market are definitely safe for human consumption.  For those of you who have not kept up with this situation, here is an audio interview discussing the oyster disease in the Hawkesbury, NSW.

This news hits home here at RJ Cox not only because some of our customers are oyster farmers but also because Gary, one of our team members, is also an oyster farmer.  Knowing the industry and what kind of items are beneficial to oyster growers, Gary has sold RJ Cox products to many farmers in the past.

One of the most popular products oyster farmers purchased from RJ Cox are our 120 Litre Garbage Bins.  These affordable, foot-operated, 120-litre wheelie bins are hygienic, durable and perfect for discarded oyster shells.  We also offer a wide-range of food-grade stack and nest containers.  These lightweight, but very tough, containers are UV resistant and safe for food storage needs.  RJ Cox has been proud to provide our services and products to these oyster farmers and hope to continue to help their businesses’ prosper in the future.

We know that this is a tough time for the oyster industry and the oyster farmers affected by POMS.  We also know that these growers – many of whose families have been in the business for generations – are resilient and will withstand this setback.  Once again, our thoughts are with all these farmers and their families.  We wish them all the best.


Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 12.36.10 PM

Tooting Our Own Horn with a Side of Customer Appreciation – Thanks from RJ Cox

5277270_mWait,,,do you hear that?  Hard to distinguish isn’t it?  Need a hint?  That sound you would be hearing loud and clear – if our blog appealed to the sense of hearing – it’s the sound of the RJ Cox crew patting ourselves on the back.  And yes, if you could see this spectacle of our entire team contorting and hitting ourselves on the backs, you’d definitely have a good laugh!

Why all the back-patting?  Well, we’re just really excited for making the finals the Best Small Business Awards at the upcoming Business Excellence Forum in Sydney.  The event, held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre February 21 – 23, wraps up with, “a black-tie gala event recognizing the ‘Best of the Best’ in small and medium sized business achievement and success.”  So yes, not only do we have a chance to take home a humongous trophy (we hope) but we also get to show off in our fancy black-tie attire.

What is the Business Excellence Forum?  This is a two-day business educational event featuring, “8 of the top speakers in the world of small business, as well as daily breakout sessions.”  Of course, knowing the RJ Cox team the way we do, they’ll be just as excited about the food and drink as they are picking up on a few, new business strategies.

But in all seriousness, we want to thank all of our wonderful customers for your support of RJ Cox.  Each of you should take a moment to pat yourself on the back as well.  Our business could never be in the position to be recognised for an award like this without your support.

We’ll keep you informed on how the awards go and whether or not we walk away with a big trophy.  In fact, if we do take home one of the top spots and bring home a trophy, maybe we’ll have a party here at RJ Cox and invite each of you.  Of course, to protect our trophy, we might just have to display it – locked up safe a sound – in one of our safety cages.  This lockable, secure and sturdy Gas Cylinder Storage Cage for Cranes should do the trick!

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 12.36.10 PM