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Our Anti-Fatigue Bubble Mats May Put Massage Therapists Out of A Job

Anti Fatigue Mats

Are your employees standing on their feet all day?  Do your team members suffer from fatigue, stress and pain in the neck, back, knees and feet when standing for long periods?  If so, we know of at least two ways to help your team members feel better and become more productive at work.

First, you could hire someone to provide on-site massage therapy or create a pay-check bonus to cover weekly massages.  And just in case upper-management here at RJ Cox is reading this blog post, let us just say how much we love both of those ideas.  However, we know that – while free massages would be a popular choice to relieve pain, stress and fatigue – this idea probably won’t fly at most businesses.

So here is a solution that is much more probable.  That solution is the Anti-Fatigue Bubble Mat.  And, it just so happens that RJ Cox has these bubble mats in stock and ready to ship to your business.  And these stress-reducing bubble mats are perfect for employees in a wide-range of work settings including: office, retail, medical, industrial, hotel/resort, warehouse and more.

bubblematblackall-rubber bubble mats feature a pliable, moulded bubble surface and dozens of air pockets.  Standing on this comfortable surface promotes blood circulation which not only reduces foot fatigue, but also translates to less stress on the knees, back and neck. The end result of better blood circulation and less stress on critical parts of the body is less fatigue for the user.

And remember, less body fatigue translates to more mental alertness and increased productivity.  When your employees are more alert, workplace safety is also increased.  And when productivity is improved, profits are increased which means a company could afford an in-house massage therapist! Sorry, we couldn’t help but sneak that one back in again.

Okay, let’s get back to our Anti-Fatigue Bubble Mats.  These stress-reducing mats come in two sizes – 0.6m x 0.9m or 0.9m x 1.2m.  They are black with a bright-yellow safety edges.  And no matter what type of work environment you place them in, our anti-fatigue, rubber mats’ resilient construction will not compress or deteriorate giving you a product with a long life-span.

If increased productivity, improved workplace safety, and employee health are an important part of the culture of your business, then these rubber, anti-fatigue bubble mats are the perfect product.  Do you have questions about these popular rubber safety mats?  Do not hesitate to contact a RJ Cox team member today.

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You’ll Never Guess How Our Red, Illuminated Vehicle Direction Batons Were Used Recently

Illuminated_batonOnce again, one of our customers recently reminded us here at RJ Cox that many of our products have uses we probably would never have imagined.  No matter the problem, you can often find a solution with a little creative thought and improvisation.   We’ve actually discussed something similar in a past blog post where we discovered Rubbermaid products being used as watering dishes for lions, tigers and other big cats at the Exotic Feline Rescue Centre in the States. 

Now, this latest alternative usage has nothing to do with big cats.  It is, however, just as creative.  We recently sold some of our illuminated vehicle direction batons to a customer.   This customer was using these battery-powered batons not to direct traffic but instead, as a part of traffic.

Let us clarify that a bit further.  These lightweight, red, illuminated batons were used in the Sydney Mardi Gras 2014.  But they were not used to help direct the floats participating in the parade.  Instead, they were actually used as part of the decorations on one of the Mardi Gras floats.  Very creative – Don’t you think?

For those of you not familiar with this RJ Cox product, we’ll gladly share some of the details.  These lightweight, illuminated batons are powered by two ‘D’ size batteries.  Not only are they tough and durable, but they are also long-lasting.  In fact, they are tested to deliver over 300 hours on each set of batteries.

These highly-visible batons also feature two selectable illumination settings – constant and flashing.  And as you can guess, they are perfect for managing traffic during events, for crowd control and direction during outdoor events, and also for emergency services.  Of course, we can now call the manufacturer and tell them to add Mardi Gras float lighting to that list.

What kind of creative usage can you think of when it comes to these battery-powered, illuminated, red batons?  Maybe an impromptu, dance party while camping?  How about a small-scale re-creation of a Star Wars lightsaber battle?  And of course, if you ended up stranded on a desert island with a case of these batons, you could spell out “HELP” in flashing, red light to attract the attention of search and rescue aircraft.

Let’s hope you don’t find yourself stranded, alone on a desert island.  However, if you ever do need the perfect tool for directing traffic or illuminating your next parade float, then these red batons will fit the bill.  Want to learn more about our vehicle direction batons?  Contact RJ Cox with any of your questions or to place your order.

RJ Cox



From Cube Hobby Boxes at Libraries to Water Dishes for Big Cats – Creative Uses for Products Purchased from RJ Cox

RJ CoxAre you one of those individuals who loves to come up with creative ways to use a products?  We know that there are many of you out there taking items you purchased from RJ Cox and using them in creative ways which help you do your job more efficiently or live your life better.  In this blog post, we’re going to share some of these alternate uses and stories.  But we also want to hear from you – our customers – to learn of the creative ways you have repurposed products you purchased from RJ Cox.

Let’s start with the Cube Hobby Box.  These boxes – with a 31 litre capacity – are constructed from food grade polyethylene.  They are stackable, come in four colors and feature built-in grips for easy handling.  With features like this, Cube Hobby Boxes are perfect for food storage, displaying meat and seafood items and also for transporting food.

cube hobby boxBut take another look at these Cube Hobby Boxes and what else do you see?  Well, our clients at the Toowoomba Main Library and Ryde Library saw them as the perfect solution – not for seafood and meat display – but for organising, moving and storing books and other library items.

We’re sure you could also find a number of household and office uses as well.  Ones like storing cleaning items, organising toys and clothes, stashing away files and file folders and many others.

Want to hear another very interesting use (Something we are sure the manufacturer never dreamed about.) for a product we sell here at RJ Cox?  Well, if you happen to have a few lions or tigers lounging around the backyard, then you might want to pick up a few Rubbermaid products.

Here’s a blog post to explain what we mean.  And while we’re thinking about it – with backyard full of big cats – you will also probably have yourself quite a scooping and disposing job on your hands. The Rubbermaid Lobby Pro Deluxe Upright Deluxe Pan could serve that purpose quite handily.

Lastly, we’d like to share an item that is a favorite for our hospitality clients.  The Mobile-Pack Caddy offers a cartless solution for hotels looking to get rid of large, unsightly and inconvenient housekeeping carts.  There are, however, other interesting, alternative uses for these products.  Hairdressers, photographers and teachers are just a few of the professions who find Mobile Caddy Packs extremely useful for organising, storing and transporting their tools of the trade.

Contact RJ Cox to tell us all about your creative uses for your favourite products or share directly by commenting below.

RJ Cox

Transporting Tough Loads is Easy with Our Rubbermaid Sheet and Panel Trucks

rubbermaid sheet panel truckWhat can you move with a Rubbermaid 4468 Sheet & Panel Truck from RJ Cox?  Let us think about that for a minute.  Maybe we should ask, “What can’t you move with a sheet and panel truck from Rubbermaid?” 

Can you transport a Lion pride and school of saltwater fish?  Would it work for delivering 100 gallon drums full of hazardous materials? In both of those cases, we would have to admit that the Rubbermaid 4468 Sheet & Panel Truck is probably not the right tool for the job.

But if you ask any our customers who have helped put this Rubbermaid product on our “Top Sellers” list how they put these durable and maneuverable transportation tools to the test, we are sure you will get a wide-range of answers.  If you have large, hard-to-handle objects like mattresses, doors, tables with folding legs, cubicle walls, lumber and sheet panels, then this sheet and panel truck will handle the job perfectly, easily and safely.

What really makes these Rubbermaid sheet and panel trucks hot sellers here at RJ Cox comes down to the quality of the product.  And like all Rubbermaid products, these load transporters are the highest quality and come with a complete list of features.  Below are a few of those features which have our customers giving these workhorses a thumbs up.

The long service life and durability of these Rubbermaid 4468 Sheet & Panel Trucks comes from the duramold precision engineered resin and metal composite structure construction.  The vertical frame is 27-inches high and the deck is textured providing support and reducing slippage  for large, hard-to-handle items.  And if your load includes smaller pieces, the perimeter deck channel keeps those items from falling off the deck during transport.

Maneuverability – when it comes to large loads – is another of the many benefits these sheet and panel trucks offer our customers.  They feature two fixed and two swivel castors for optimal control and maneuverability.  There are also molded-in tie-down slots for load security and safety.

No matter how you look at it, these Rubbermaid sheet and panel trucks are the perfect tool for moving loads around the office, factory or workplace.  If they didn’t live up to their Rubbermaid label, then you definitely wouldn’t see them on our best-sellers list.  And remember, it was you – our customers – not our staff who put this product on our best-selling RJ Cox products list.

If you would like to learn more about the Rubbermaid 4468 Sheet & Panel Truck, please feel free to contact us here at RJ Cox.  And if you are one of our customers who already own one or more of these Rubbermaid products, please share your “load of choice” or the strangest load you’ve ever moved with these sheet and panel trucks.  We’d love to hear your stories even if they are tall tales.

RJ Cox

Nursing Home Equipment to Enhance the Quality of Life of Our Elderly

RJ Cox - Nursing Home EquipmentAs many of you know, RJ Cox is proud to be a family-owned Australian company.  For us, family is very important, and we understand that it is just as important to our customers.  Caring for our older family members is just as important.  That is why, here at RJ Cox, we proudly deliver the highest-quality products and supplies for the nursing home industry.  We’d like to share a few of these product offerings.

As we know, elderly patients in nursing home care are often confined to their beds.  If patients are unable to leave their beds to move about, then often the bed must move for them.  This is where the Electrodrive Gzunda Bed Mover GZSL becomes extremely helpful and beneficial.  These Gzunda bed movers allow a single person to move a nursing home bed and patient easily, safely and comfortably.

GZ10_ElectrodriveA few of the features of these bed movers from Gzunda include: 500kg capacity, push-button hitching, quiet and emission-free motor, height/reach adjustable handlebar and easy to use controls.  These Electrodrive Gzunda Bed Movers are compactly designed but built to last as they are constructed out of durable stainless steel tyne.  The bed movers are easy to operate, extremely maneuverable and feature an emergency stop button for safety.  Both patients and nursing home employees will find these bed movers from Gzunda useful and comfortable.

Even when a nursing home patient is not bedridden, the patient may not be fully-mobile.  In these cases, one of our Liberty mobility scooters or wheelchair aids will be beneficial in helping the individual get around in the nursing home setting.  Presently, we offer our customers a choice of 5 options when it comes to these wheelchair aids and mobility scooters from Liberty.

RJ Cox - Liberty Classic Mobility ScooterOur line of Liberty mobility scooters includes the following models: Classic, Elite and Lite.  Each model offers its own unique features and benefits which you can review on the RJ Cox website.  However, each provides its user a benefit that can not be measured in numbers or dollars.  Each Liberty mobility scooter enhances the users quality life by allowing them the freedom to go and do like they could before losing some of their mobility.

Another option for nursing home patients with limited mobility are our wheelchair power drive attachments.  We offer two options – the Liberty Samson PD6 and the PD-SA by Torza.  Each of these battery-powered wheelchair motors are easy to use, lightweight for transport and simple to attach and detach.

The above are only a sample of our product offerings for nursing homes.  To see a complete list of these high-quality product offerings, visit our hospital and nursing home equipment page on our website.  Have any questions about our bed movers, mobility scooters, wheelchair aids or other products for nursing homes and nursing home patients?  Make sure to contact your friendly, helpful RJ Cox team member.


Lifting and Moving Causing You Problems? Try One of Our Popular Solutions!

Gabba18A1Here at RJ Cox we are big fans of staying active and enjoying outdoor activities and sports.  Because of this love for watching and participating in sports, we truly enjoy helping our sporting grounds and sporting centres friends solve problems.  And it seems that two of our clients – the GABBA and Charles Perkins Centre are also fans of RJ Cox and a few of our products in particular.  Once your business learns more and puts the following products to the test, we know you’ll become fans as well.

When it comes to the GABBA, our Rapini Jumbo 3 Tier Flat Bed Traymobile Shelf Trolleys – the HB-230 Model in particular – fill the bill.  What makes these shelf trolleys so special and essential?  We have a few ideas why the GABBA loves this product offering from RJ Cox.  And we’re willing to bet the following features will be just as important to your business.


These Rapini shelf trolleys feature 3 vinyl deck shelves, come in two models (HB-130 and HB-230), and are made to last as they are constructed from steel.  And to back up their durability, the manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty.  Usability features our customers enjoy are the ergonomically-designed, 1 meter high push handles which help with back safety and the 2 fixed and 2 swivel castors which provide easy control and manoeuvrability.

Does your sports grounds and centre, warehouse or storage facility need something to handle heavier loads than the Rapini HB-230 shelf trolley supports?  Well – of course – RJ Cox has the solution.  When the Charles Perkins Centre needs to move a heavy load they turn to a pallet truck or walkie stacker.  And like our other solutions, RJ Cox offers a number of options to suit your exact needs.

When it comes to pallet trucks at RJ Cox, we offer many makes and models that can handle the heaviest loads of all shapes and sizes.  Our clients can choose from semi-electric or electric pallet trucks, low profile pallet trucks, high lift pallet trucks, pallet trucks with scales and much more.  And like all of our product offerings, RJ Cox only sells the highest-quality pallet trucks and accessories.

When you need to step your game up to another level, you’ll want to take a look at our Agility Walkie Stacker and Compact Walkie Stacker.  Both of these walk-behind forklifts can also be used as ride-on forklifts, and both offer effortless steering and exceptional manoeuvrability with the ability to safely lift loads up to 1600kg.  For our customers working in tight settings, we recommend the smaller footprint of the Compact Walkie Stacker.

No matter what type of facility or work-setting your business operates in on a daily basis, all of the above products are guaranteed to make your job easier and more efficient.  If you have any questions about our shelf trolleys, pallet trucks, walkie stackers or any other product offerings, do not hesitate to contact us at RJ Cox.  Happy lifting and moving everyone!


RJ Cox Crowd Control Fencing Comes in All Shapes and Sizes to Fulfill All Your Pedestrian Control and Safety Needs

Crowd Control and SafetyPlanning a big event and expecting large crowds in the near future?  Need to put some workplace safety barriers on your loading dock?  Maybe, you are just so amazingly popular that you need to put up safety fencing to keep the masses from storming your home.  No matter what your reason for needing help with crowd control, RJ Cox has just the right pedestrian control product to fit the bill.

When you are hosting a large event for the New Years holiday or any other time of the year, you need an effective way to control crowds.  You also need to ensure that what you are using for crowd control fencing is sturdy and durable.  RJ Cox offers a few options when it comes to event fence crowd control fencing.  We also offer a superior product – Event Fence Forklift stillages – for storing your event storage safely and securely.

Our Event Fence – Modular and Portable Temporary Barrier System features everything you could want in interlocking free-standing fence panels to create a system for controlling crowds at festivals, concerts, parades and sporting events..  Constructed from fully-welded steel construction and available in two weights. this Event Fence offers the strength, durability and flexibility you’ll need for any size crowd.

Another of our popular crowd control fencing for events is the Crowd-Q Portable Events Fence.  This innovative interlocking fence product is constructed from lightweight but super-durable moulded polyethylene.  It comes in hi-viz safety orange and features built-in reflective panels along with child-safe 80mm panel openings.

If the crowd you need to control is the one that works on your loading dock, then we can also help.  No matter if you have a large workforce or a small group of individuals performing tasks on your loading dock, it makes good sense to provide protection and increase workplace safety with the addition of our Dock-Safe-Q Loading Dock Safety Barrier.  Make sure to visit our product web page to learn more about this light-weight, rapid-deployment, temporary safety barrier.

Our portable barrier systems are perfect for businesses of all sizes which need to control and direct pedestrians.  These systems come in all shapes and sizes with a wide-variety of functions.  From Rubbermaid Portable Barriers to Port-A-Guard Expanding Barriers to stands, signs and holders; our portable crowd control systems can help your business shuffle people through ticket lines or set up a temporary barrier for a small event.

If you have a crowd control need – no matter how large or small – RJ Cox has a solution.  Don’t take our word for it though.  Visit our main event fence crowd control fencing page on our website.  And, as always, contact us with any questions about our products or ordering from RJ Cox.

What’s the best crowd control solution you’ve seen in action?


Hotel Owners, Make the Right First Impression with Our Front of House Hospitality Equipment

21375228_mThink first impressions don’t count?  Remember all those first dates that never turned into second dates until you decided that showing up on your bicycle and asking your date to drive maybe wasn’t such a good idea?  First impressions also make a huge impact in the business world as well.  If you are in the hospitality business, then we’ve got a nice assortment of front of house items to make sure your hotel guests start their stay with great first impression.  Let’s take a look at some of this popular front of house hospitality equipment.

One way to make a first impression and serve a valuable purpose is to use stylish, attractive and high-quality hotel signage.  At RJ Cox, we offer a wide-variety of hotel signage to help direct your guests around your hotel, inform them on on-site events and to display your on-site restaurant menus.  Our signboards and signage offerings include decorative display stands, double-sided outdoor poster frames, internal/external display cases, ceiling mount poster snap frames and more which will help you make a great first impression and leave a lasting one as well.

Once your guests check-in, the last thing they want to do is stand around the lobby waiting for a trolley to get their luggage to their room. And the last thing you want is a pack of angry, exhausted, loud, complaining hotel guests with tired, not-so-well-behaved children in your lobby around greeting your other guests as they arrive.  To help speed up the process of moving your visitors along to their rooms, make sure you have an army of well-maintained, functional, clean and attractive trolley carts.  Our Australian-made birdcage trolley luggage carts are the perfect fit for the job.

Nothing says first-class hotel like piles of rubbish and hundreds of cigarette butts greeting your visitors at every entrance to your hotel.  Is that not the kind of first or lasting impression your business would like to make?  In that case, it is time to take a look at our cigarette ashtray disposal offerings.

To provide visitors to your hotel a way to dispose of both their cigarette butts and rubbish, RJ Cox offers a variety of ashtray bins.  To truly make a great first impression, we would suggest one of our brushed stainless bins with polished ashray tops.  These feature a galvanised liner for easy emptying and come with rubber on the bottom to protect floor surfaces.  Choose from three sizes and shapes including our most-popular 10-litre lobby ashtray bin, a smaller medium round ashtray bin and a uniquely-shaped 18-litre corner ashtray bin.

Remember, first impressions count and a bad first impression can easily turn what could be a repeat customer into a never-to-return again customer.  If you manage or own a hotel, make sure you have the highest-quality, attractive front of house hospitality equipment from RJ Cox.

 Tell us, What’s your all time favourite hotel?



Fantastic Food and Beverage Offerings to Cut Operational Costs for Hotels and Resorts

7328285_mHotels and resorts count on RJ Cox to provide a wide-range of equipment to help with their hospitality needs.  From front of house products, to room service and laundry solutions, we help your business run smoothly and make a great first impression with your guests.  One segment of your hospitality business where we offer a host of innovative hospitality solutions is in the food and beverage departments.  So pull up a chair, grab a snack and a cold beer from the mini-bar, and let’s take a look at some customer favorites.

If you are looking for dish caddies, insulated pan carriers or even a Self Cooking Center, our Cambro line of products is a good place to start.  Cambro hospitality products are known for their high-quality and durability.  These products are designed and constructed to make your kitchen and food services run more efficiently no matter if you have a small dining area in your hotel or are hosting large events at your resort.

At RJ Cox, we are proud to offer our customers ProHost Mobiles Hostar Hospitality Equipment.  As we share on our website, “Prohost is the first material handling and distribution system designed specifically for hotels and resorts.”  Because they are designed with your specific hotel and resort hospitality needs in mind, ProHost hospitality equipment will help lower your operational costs and increase productivity which in turn will help improve your guest services.  Let’s take a look at a couple of these popular products.

For resorts and hotels with large meeting rooms or banquet halls, Prohost Banquet/Meeting Setup is a must.  This system aids your staff in faster function setup and breakdown.  Maybe more importantly, your guests and visitors will not see soiled items and rubbish as everything is concealed in the mobile system for easy transport.

A product your staff will certainly thank you for purchasing is the Prohost Power Assist.  These power mobiles help your staff members move large, heavy loads alone and without much effort.  And because the Power Assist Units operate on a single battery charge for an entire shift, your hotel and resort will save money and your staff will get more work done.  These are a must-have for your food and beverage operations.

As we mentioned up front, RJ Cox offers a wide-range of hospitality product offerings.  Too many products, in fact, to mention here in this blog post.  Make sure to review our food & beverage hospitality equipment online.  You can also see our complete line of Prohost Mobiles here.

Have any questions our website doesn’t answer?  Contact one of the wonderfully-helpful RJ Cox customer service representatives.


Christmas Gift Ideas from RJ Cox – Santa’s Got Nothing On Us!

11591626_mChristmas is around the corner.  Are you still looking for gift ideas for a few of the people on your Christmas gift list?  We may not have the reindeers, beard or red suit, but the RJ Cox team does have the perfect gifts to help you spread Christmas cheer to your family and friends.

Below are a few of the items we offer here at RJ Cox which are certain to put a smile on someone’s face this year during the holidays.  Order your gifts online or by phone.  And for you procrastinators out there, order your Christmas presents by December 21 and we’ll make sure your items arrive by December 24.

For the off-roader on your gift list, a Black Rat Safety Recovery Kit is not only a great gift, but it also an extremely useful gift.  This kit is loaded.  Inside, you’ll find a 4WD recovery bag with reflective triangle, heavy-duty snatch strap, tree trunk protector with 10,000kgs B.S., 3.2 and 4.7 tonne WLL rated bow shackles, and much more.  Check out the RJ Cox website for the full list of items in the recovery kit from Black Rat.

While we are on the subject of off-road gift giving, you may also want to take a look at the Black Rat 4WD Nylon Heavy Duty Snatch Strap Kit.  This Christmas gift idea is a must for the avid off-roader.  And it could mean a few free, thank-you beers for you, if the recipient ever needs to recover their vehicle when it is bogged.  Give this snatch strap kit from Black Rat a look and contact RJ Cox with any questions you may have about it.

Another one of our best-selling recreational products, the Carver Surfboard Rack, is an affordable Christmas gift that any surfer will love receiving.  RJ Cox offers three models of surfboard racks to choose from in our inventory.  You can choose from the Carver CSR Mini, Carver CSR Max (for longboards up to 10’ 0”) and the Carver Scooter Moped Surf Rack.

One last gift idea we want to share with you in this blog post is another great item for the outdoor enthusiast.  Superiorpak Insulated Cool Bins are an excellent choice for keeping your beer cold and your food fresh when you are camping or off-roading.  These cool bins are impact-resistant and sealed with food-grade neoprene.  They will keep your food and drinks cool, fresh and safe no matter the situation.

These four Christmas gift ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to great gift ideas from RJ Cox.  Take the time to review our selection of high-quality products.  If you don’t see something or need help with anything, make sure to contact us and a RJ Cox team member will be glad to help.