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You’ll Never Guess How Our Red, Illuminated Vehicle Direction Batons Were Used Recently

Illuminated_batonOnce again, one of our customers recently reminded us here at RJ Cox that many of our products have uses we probably would never have imagined.  No matter the problem, you can often find a solution with a little creative thought and improvisation.   We’ve actually discussed something similar in a past blog post where we discovered Rubbermaid products being used as watering dishes for lions, tigers and other big cats at the Exotic Feline Rescue Centre in the States. 

Now, this latest alternative usage has nothing to do with big cats.  It is, however, just as creative.  We recently sold some of our illuminated vehicle direction batons to a customer.   This customer was using these battery-powered batons not to direct traffic but instead, as a part of traffic.

Let us clarify that a bit further.  These lightweight, red, illuminated batons were used in the Sydney Mardi Gras 2014.  But they were not used to help direct the floats participating in the parade.  Instead, they were actually used as part of the decorations on one of the Mardi Gras floats.  Very creative – Don’t you think?

For those of you not familiar with this RJ Cox product, we’ll gladly share some of the details.  These lightweight, illuminated batons are powered by two ‘D’ size batteries.  Not only are they tough and durable, but they are also long-lasting.  In fact, they are tested to deliver over 300 hours on each set of batteries.

These highly-visible batons also feature two selectable illumination settings – constant and flashing.  And as you can guess, they are perfect for managing traffic during events, for crowd control and direction during outdoor events, and also for emergency services.  Of course, we can now call the manufacturer and tell them to add Mardi Gras float lighting to that list.

What kind of creative usage can you think of when it comes to these battery-powered, illuminated, red batons?  Maybe an impromptu, dance party while camping?  How about a small-scale re-creation of a Star Wars lightsaber battle?  And of course, if you ended up stranded on a desert island with a case of these batons, you could spell out “HELP” in flashing, red light to attract the attention of search and rescue aircraft.

Let’s hope you don’t find yourself stranded, alone on a desert island.  However, if you ever do need the perfect tool for directing traffic or illuminating your next parade float, then these red batons will fit the bill.  Want to learn more about our vehicle direction batons?  Contact RJ Cox with any of your questions or to place your order.

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Don’t Be Left Out – Join the Clax Cart Trolley Crowd Today!

clax_cartFollowing the crowd isn’t necessarily the way we like to do things around here at RJ Cox.  Instead, we like to stand apart from the crowd and differentiate ourselves from the competition in the way we run our business and over deliver for our customers.  There are times, however, when being a part of the popular crowd is the smart thing to do.  For you, this is one of those times.

What are we talking about?  Well, we’re talking about the Clax Cart Trolley – an item that has quite a popular following.  This is one of the products we provide here at RJ Cox that everyone can use.  You’ll find them in hospitals, nursing homes, offices and just about any other type of business.  In fact, you’ll even find them taking on all types of household tasks.

These Clax Carts are not like the latest fad which disappears into oblivion after a meteoric rise to popularity.  That is why – in this case – we don’t feel bad telling our customers they should succumb to peer pressure and fall in line with the crowd.  You see, it’s not that we want you feel left out like you’re the only one in the office that hasn’t seen the latest viral cat video on YouTube.  Instead, the reason why you need to be a part of this crowd is because Clax Carts are high-quality, easy-to-use, extremely-durable, multi-purpose products.

Just take a look at some of the features of these 2-tier collapsible, folding trolleys from Clax Cart.  This cart’s folding mechanism is way of ahead of its time and provides quick, easy collapsing at the push of a button.  Once these folding trolleys are collapsed, they are completely flat and take up minimal storage space.  And along with the push-button folding feature, lightweight Clax Carts also offer a foot-operated parking brake, removable wheels and one collapsible basket.

For those of you who want to join the crowd but don’t necessarily want to look exactly like the crowd, you’ll be glad to know that there are multiple options available for our Clax Cart Trolleys.  You can also purchase hard covers, soft insert / privacy covers and full-length weather covers to protect whatever it is you are keeping in your Clax Cart baskets.  If you need extra capacity with your 2-tier Clax Cart Trolley upper basket, you can purchase optional custom rod support.  Make sure to ask us here at RJ Cox about all the options we offer to customise your Clax Cart.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 10.03.35 AM

So, contact us today to learn more about these highly popular and very useful items.  And once you see how well these operate in the workplace and make everyone’s jobs easier, feel free to tell your boss it was your idea.  We don’t mind at all.




Moving Heavy Loads Safely and Efficiently Just Got Easier with RJ Cox

4266987_mMoving a heavy load?  RJ Cox is at your service!  No, we did not branch our business into the moving industry.  But we do, however, know a quiet achiever with a low profile that often – because of its diminutive stature – goes unnoticed until it is called upon to move loads when others fail.

Who is this super-mover?  Well, its actually not a who.  Instead, it is a what.  When you need to move oversized machinery, large inventory, furniture, heavy equipment or just about anything else that presents a challenge, we highly recommend Pacific Load Skates.

These highly popular load movers are popular for a reason (actually, many reasons).  RJ Cox customers love Pacific Load Skates because they are versatile enough to handle just about anything you can throw at them and function well in a variety of work environments.  And because workplace safety is a necessity, you’ll be glad to know that these load skates offer a safe mechanism for transporting heavy loads from one location to another.

Let’s talk physics for a moment.  Yes, we know the very mention probably sends your brain and body into napping mode.  We’ve all done our fair share of sleeping in the physics classroom!  But maybe, while drifting in and out of daydreams, you did happen to catch the fact that friction plays a large part in the movement of objects. When you decrease friction, the ease of movement is increased.

The brilliance of these Pacific Load Skates is that they take advantage of this very physics concept.  These movers use a series of durable rollers to facilitate the moving process by reducing friction between the load you are moving and the surface you are moving it upon.  And remember when you thought you would never use physics once you ventured out into the “real” world?

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 4.11.25 PMThese load skates from RJ Cox come in a variety of sizes to ensure you can safely move loads of all sizes and weights.  For the safety of you and your team and to ensure you can spot them when you need them, Pacific Load Skates come in highly-visible colors.  RJ Cox also offers optional handles and turntables for each size load skate.

All kidding aside, these low profile load movers are an absolute must-have addition when your team members must move heavy objects.  They will improve workplace safety and improve productivity.  Want to learn more?  Contact your friendly RJ Cox representative today.