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Nursing Home Equipment to Enhance the Quality of Life of Our Elderly

RJ Cox - Nursing Home EquipmentAs many of you know, RJ Cox is proud to be a family-owned Australian company.  For us, family is very important, and we understand that it is just as important to our customers.  Caring for our older family members is just as important.  That is why, here at RJ Cox, we proudly deliver the highest-quality products and supplies for the nursing home industry.  We’d like to share a few of these product offerings.

As we know, elderly patients in nursing home care are often confined to their beds.  If patients are unable to leave their beds to move about, then often the bed must move for them.  This is where the Electrodrive Gzunda Bed Mover GZSL becomes extremely helpful and beneficial.  These Gzunda bed movers allow a single person to move a nursing home bed and patient easily, safely and comfortably.

GZ10_ElectrodriveA few of the features of these bed movers from Gzunda include: 500kg capacity, push-button hitching, quiet and emission-free motor, height/reach adjustable handlebar and easy to use controls.  These Electrodrive Gzunda Bed Movers are compactly designed but built to last as they are constructed out of durable stainless steel tyne.  The bed movers are easy to operate, extremely maneuverable and feature an emergency stop button for safety.  Both patients and nursing home employees will find these bed movers from Gzunda useful and comfortable.

Even when a nursing home patient is not bedridden, the patient may not be fully-mobile.  In these cases, one of our Liberty mobility scooters or wheelchair aids will be beneficial in helping the individual get around in the nursing home setting.  Presently, we offer our customers a choice of 5 options when it comes to these wheelchair aids and mobility scooters from Liberty.

RJ Cox - Liberty Classic Mobility ScooterOur line of Liberty mobility scooters includes the following models: Classic, Elite and Lite.  Each model offers its own unique features and benefits which you can review on the RJ Cox website.  However, each provides its user a benefit that can not be measured in numbers or dollars.  Each Liberty mobility scooter enhances the users quality life by allowing them the freedom to go and do like they could before losing some of their mobility.

Another option for nursing home patients with limited mobility are our wheelchair power drive attachments.  We offer two options – the Liberty Samson PD6 and the PD-SA by Torza.  Each of these battery-powered wheelchair motors are easy to use, lightweight for transport and simple to attach and detach.

The above are only a sample of our product offerings for nursing homes.  To see a complete list of these high-quality product offerings, visit our hospital and nursing home equipment page on our website.  Have any questions about our bed movers, mobility scooters, wheelchair aids or other products for nursing homes and nursing home patients?  Make sure to contact your friendly, helpful RJ Cox team member.