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A Nostalgic Look Back at the Humble Beginnings of Rubbermaid

12097934_mRJ Cox is no stranger when it comes to Rubbermaid products.  Our product line is loaded with a wide range of products from Rubbermaid.  Our customers love purchasing Rubbermaid products and we love selling them products from the Rubbermaid line.

And while we could go on and on about the amazing features found in everything from Slim Jim Containers to Side Panel Platform Trucks, we wanted to discuss something a little different.  We wanted to get a little nostalgic and take a walk through some of the interesting history behind the Rubbermaid company and its durable, useful product line.  After all, what better way to learn about the present than to take a glimpse into the past.

The next time you are relaxing and daydreaming about your favorite Rubbermaid products take the time to give thanks to balloons.  That’s right: balloons.  You see, the humble beginnings of this now world-famous company started in a factory that created toy balloons.  But alas, the Wooster Rubber Company was not the true beginning of Rubbermaid.  It was, however, where the company grew to prominence over the next decades.

You see, it wasn’t balloons that officially launched Rubbermaid.  That honor goes to the dustpan.  That’s right: the dustpan.  Prior to 1933, dustpans were made from metal which could both cause damage to walls and also be easily damaged.  Then along came the Caldwells.

James Caldwell and his wife Madeline had a solution for this mounting metal dustpan dilemma.  That solution was rubber.  Not just any rubber, but a brightly colored rubber both created from a new technique and also patented.  What did they decide to call their product line?  You guessed it – Rubbermaid.

The toy balloon factory and the indestructible – while brightly-colored and attractive – dustpan came together in 1934.  From there the company continued to innovate and grow into the Rubbermaid we have come to love today.  So the next time you see a young child happily holding a toy balloon, you might find yourself – like us – drifting off into daydreams about brightly colored trash bins, mop buckets and yes, dustpans.

Tell us in the comments, what’s your favorite rubbermaid product?

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Clax Cart website launched by R.J. Cox Engineering

Clax Carts are our favourite product and to celebrate their great success across the Australian Market we have created a website to promote this fantastic product

Please visit our new website http://www.claxcarttrolley.com.au/ to see what we can offer you in your clax cart needs.

Linen Exchange Trolleys

We  are now offering 2 different brands of Tall Body Mobile Linen Trolleys for Soiled and Clean Linen,

We have for years had success supplying major linen handling companies in Australia the Nylex Tallboy Linen Trolley, this unit can be supplied with or without wire mesh shelves and with a range of castor configurations.

Nylex Tall Boy Trolley

We are now offering a new range of Mobile Linen Storage Trucks being the Linen Exchange Trolleys.

LET1 – Linen Exchange Trolley LET2 – Linen Exchange Trolley LET3 – Linen Exchange Trolley

LET1 – Linen Exchange Trolley (Pictured Left)

  • Shelves slot in front to form a large bin
  • Narrow design for easy doorway access

Dimensions 1140mm Long, 640mm wide 1470mm high*

LET2 – Linen Exchange Trolley (Pictured Middle)

  • Large radius corners
  • High front cut out
  • Optimum size for freight inside trucks

Dimensions 1050mm long, 710mm wide, 1450mm high*

LET3 – Linen Exchange Trolley (Pictured Right)

  • Low profile design for improved vision
  • Document Holder
  • High front cut out

Dimensions 1050mm long, 710mm wide, 1300mm high*

* You need to allow an addition 192mm to the overall height of the trolley to include castors.


Stockmaster Navigator Mobile Ladder

The Facts about Stockmaster Navigator Mobile Platforms (Rolling Ladders)

  • It is a much safer product
  • It is easier and faster to move around
  • It can be used as a trolley (most others can not)
  • It has a safety railing system that can be adjusted to suit the job
  • It is available with an automatic closing gate at the platform entry
  • It meets Australian, New Zealand and European Union Standards and, it costs less in the long run

Stockmaster Navigator is a very safe and easy to use mobile work platform. It features a Move, Steer and Brake control which eliminates the need for springs, folding steps, wheel brakes and other devices. Taking hold of the control raises the unit to the mobile position and provides easy steering. Release of the control automatically returns Navigator to the stationary mode where it is braked, totally stable and has all four feet in contact with the floor at all times. All skating and movement associated with designs that use springs or foot pedals is eliminated, and there is no movement as the operator moves about the platform.

One control does it all creating a much safer product.

With the Move, Steer and Brake control actuated, the operator is positioned away from the front of the ladder to allow a normal walking step, and the unit moves quickly with minimal effort. Navigator will move to a new position in less than half the time of competing products. The Move, Steer and Brake control also enables the platform to be used as a trolley. Navigator is easier and faster to move around saving time and equipment.

Navigator is supplied with a flexible Platform Safety Rail system which can be set up to three different configurations to provide improved ergonomics and easy access for stock picking, maintenance tasks and many other applications, and when fitted with the Auto-Safe Gate the operator is protected from accidentally stepping off the front of the platform.

Stockmaster Navigator is a modular design enabling parts replacement in the event of accidental damage. It is manufactured from high quality materials and built to last. With reasonable care Stockmaster Navigator will give many years of service, and cost less in the long run.

Stockmaster Navigator meets or exceeds all the requirements of the Australian / New Zealand standard AS/NZS 1892.1:1996 and the European Standard EN 131: Parts 1 and 2

Stockmaster Navigator – not just a platform ladder

Other Stockmaster Ladders
Stockmaster Tracker (Left)
Stockmaster Tilt-N-Toe (Centre)
Stockmaster Electric Lift-Truk (Right)
Stockmaster Lift-Truk
Stockmaster Mezzanine Ladder



Heavy Duty Steel Deck Platform Trolleys with Rubber Matting and D Buffers

Cox Engineering have been providing the Australian market with their Australian made range of materials handling trolleys, selling them into some of the biggest companies in Australia for both industrial and commercial use.

Heavy Duty Steel Deck Platform With D Buffer and Rubber MattingWe have found one particular configuartion to be very popular, this being the the 1200 x 735mm size with Ribbed matting and D Buffer.

Features INclude

  • Fully welded heavy duty platform trolley
  • Mounted on 2 x Fixed and 2 x Swivel Blue Rubber Castors Fallshaw O Series Castors 
  • Anti Slip hard wearing ribbed matting protects the trolley from damage for increased life and also reduces the chance of items falling off the trolleys deck
  • Full wrap around 25mm Non Marking D Buffer protects Walls 
  • Platform Trolley Surface 1200x735mm deck
  • Australian Made Quality Product
  • 500kg capacity
  • These trolleys are made to order and usually involve a lead time
  • Other Sizes available on request and are priced on application

For More Information please click on the Below link

Platform Trolley with Rubber Matting and D Buffer



Congratulations to Both Hornsby RSL #1 & #3 Darts Teams

As the major Shirt sponsor for both Hornsby RSL #1 & #3 Darts teams, R.J. Cox Engineering we would like to congratulate both teams on a successful season.

Although both teams were just knocked out in the sudden death round of the Semi finals, We are sure next season will bring home the big trophy in both teams is the A & B Grade Competitions.  

 Hornsby RSL #1 A Grade Team Captained By Lee Tauri
Key Product Line Sponsor Magliner Convertable Hand Trucks


Hornsby RSL #3 Darts TeamHornsby RSL #3 B Grade Team Captained by Matthew Pearce
Key Product Line Sponsor Competition Barrels

Moving Shipping Containers and other Large and Heavy Equipment

Ever neded to move large heavy objects, such as shipping containers, machinery or vessels. Then Pacific Load Rollers maybe your solution.

Mission: To move a shipping Container into position where is can be worked on, unloaded or kept when forklift or overhead lifting is restricted 

Solution: The Shipping Container Or Large Heavy Item is Placed onto 2 fixed and 2 swivel load rollers, two people with or without the assistance of a tug or pushing device steer the container into it’s new position where it can be jacked up and lowered onto a Block

Pacific Load Roller
Pacific Load Roller

What is Required: 2 x  PLR040 4 Tonne Fixed Rollers & 2 x PLR045 4 Tonne Swivel Rollers this will give you a carrying capacity of 16 Tonne. This application requires a smooth concrete floor, if floor is uneven the Pacific Load Skates maybe concidered

Heavier applications will require the use of 6 tonne, 12 tonne or up to 24 tonne rollers

For all current pricing please check our website Link Below
Pacific Load Rollers

Model Capacity
Type Plate
w x l
Wheels Wheel
d x w
PLR020 2 Fixed 95 x 260 115x270x110 2 82 x 100 Nylon 7.5
PLR040 4 Fixed 190 x 260 230x270x110 4 82 x 100 Nylon 17
PLR045 4 Swivel 180 x 115 250x310x110 4 82 x 100 Nylon 16
PLR060 6 Fixed 285 x 260 345x270x110 6 82 x 100 Nylon 25
PLR065 6 Swivel 220 x 395 560x95x110 8 82 x 100 Nylon 50
PLR120 12 Fixed 230 x 270 400x345x145 8 115 x 60 Nylon 26
PLR245 24 Swivel 270 Dia  1120x415x145 16 115 x 60 Nylon 160

  Load Rollers & Skates PDF Complete Range

Rubbermaid Material Handling Equipment


The industry’s most extensive line of heavy-duty equipment designed to make transporting items easier and more secure.

Rubbermaid Range Includes:

Spill Containment Caddy — Mobile

Spill Containment Caddy
Spill Containment Caddy
  • Safe drum handling with mobile dispensing capabilities
  • Sturdy design to handle heavy loads
  • UV protected offering maximum chemical resistance
  • Compliance EPA, UFC

Click Here for Latest Pricing on Spill Containment Caddy

Plastic Pallet

Plastic Pallet

Plastic Pallet

  • No Phytosanitary certificate inspection needed on export.
  • No fumigation costs for the pallets.
  • No delay in delivery to your overseas client caused by timber pallet regulations.
  • 100 % recyclable. Can be shipped again and again
  • More than 10 years life span.
  • Hygienic, moisture-proof, odourless and non-toxic.
  • Very resistant to chemicals, particularly acids and alkalis, and to U. V. radiation
  • May be hot washed, steam cleaned or chemically sterilised.
  • Minimum maintenance and safe to handle – free from screws nails, splinters and chipping.
  • Two way entry for pallet jack and four way entry for fork lift
  • Dimensionally stable under all climatic conditions

Dimensions: 1200mm x 1000mm x 140mm
Weight: 9.2kg
Load: One Tonne Dynamic | Four Tonne Static
Colour: Black only
Order Code: AP102 PAL

For More information please click here for lastest pricing on Plastic Pallets