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Nothing Beats Our Stainless Steel RuXXac Carts Except…


8985213_mDoes it get any better than the RuXXac Cart Exclusive folding trolley?

These collapsible carts are an IF design award winner and feature high-grade stainless steel.  Ask any of our satisfied customers and they will probably tell you that nothing beats a stainless steel RuXXac Cart.  This top-of-the-line hand truck is loaded with features.

So, how can it get any better?  How about a special promotion for these amazing folding carts?  More on that in a bit.  But first, let’s talk a little bit more about this great product.

This high-grade stainless steel model RuXXac Cart Exclusive hand truck  handles a maximum load capacity of 125kg.  And because the last thing you need when you are carrying a heavy load is to have a trolley that is a burden and adds to your weight load, you’ll love the fact that the RuXXac cart only weighs 6kg.  The designers also added ergonomically-designed handles to help alleviate any discomfort when carrying that load.

Customers also appreciate the convenience of the RuXXac Cart Exclusive hand truck.  We’ve already mentioned the trolley’s light weight  At 55mm thick when folded, these hand trucks are also perfect when you don’t have much storage space in your facility or extra room on your truck.  The RuXXac Cart also fold and unfold simply and quickly with a couple of simple actions.

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 2.18.03 PMWhen you use the stainless steel RuXXac Cart, you can rest assured that every load is safe and secure.  These hand carts feature a uniques system with an elastic strap and anchor bar to ensure your load stays put.  Plus, the cart’s puncture-safe tires prove worthy of handling any surface and any obstacle you might encounter when moving your loads.

You won’t have to worry about durability with these hand trucks either.  The manufacturer’s warranty for the RuXXac Cart Exclusive high grade stainless steel model is 5 years.  And if you ever do need any spare parts for your hand cart, RJ Cox has you covered.  We know you’ll absolutely love these RuXXac Cart Exclusive hand trucks.

As we mentioned previously, we just can’t think of anything that could make these folding trolleys any more desirable or any better.  The only thing that could beat these RuXXac collapsible carts is for RJ Cox to beat our regular price.  So because of that, we decided to put an exclusive, special price on these carts.  But hurry, because this promotion – and our product inventory – won’t last.

Order your RuXXac Cart Exclusive hand truck today or contact RJ Cox to learn more about this great product and limited deal.

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Clax Carts take Center Court in My Australian Open Induced Daydream

4714932_mSo as I sat in an Australian Open induced coma from hour upon hour of watching yellow balls being battered by blistering hundred-mile-an-hour serves, my attention was momentarily captured by the Clax Cart Clax Trolley folded nicely in the corner.  And it came to me at that moment.  This utility cart would be the perfect tool for tennis coaches.  It could also be an awesome tool for players like myself who have no chance of ever finding ourselves in lengthy volleys with Serena Williams or Roger Federer.

Think about it.  The supplied, collapsible basket can hold a boatload of balls with room for a few tennis rackets to spare.  My twelve-pack of beer – I mean water – bottles would sit solidly on the sturdy bottom tray.  It’s mobile and easy to handle; allowing it to roll across the court as I pick up all my errant practice shots.

The foot-operated parking brake will keep the cart in place while my instructor pulls balls out of the basket to lob softly to me for my practice shots.  And when I’m worn out after ten to fifteen minutes of fast-paced (based on the speed of a slug mind you) tennis practice, it collapses with the push of one button to fit easily in my car.  This is a perfect utility cart for the tennis court!

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 12.59.14 PMThe Clax Cart 2-tier collapsible folding trolley has been a fixture in offices, nursing homes, hospitals and other business environments for years.  But this idea – my idea – of bringing it to the tennis arena was certainly a stroke of sheer, self-anointed, genius.  While congratulating myself with few pats on the back, a loud, Sharapova grunt woke me from my daydream.

I smiled and looked at my Clax Cart Clax Trolley once again in the corner.  I thought – for a very brief moment – about taking it out to the practice court.  But instead, I settled back onto the sofa and had another sip of beer.

And then it hit me…that Clax Utility Cart would make the perfect baby stroller.  What do you think?


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