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Transporting Tough Loads is Easy with Our Rubbermaid Sheet and Panel Trucks

Thursday, February 20th, 2014 at 6:26 am

rubbermaid sheet panel truckWhat can you move with a Rubbermaid 4468 Sheet & Panel Truck from RJ Cox?  Let us think about that for a minute.  Maybe we should ask, “What can’t you move with a sheet and panel truck from Rubbermaid?” 

Can you transport a Lion pride and school of saltwater fish?  Would it work for delivering 100 gallon drums full of hazardous materials? In both of those cases, we would have to admit that the Rubbermaid 4468 Sheet & Panel Truck is probably not the right tool for the job.

But if you ask any our customers who have helped put this Rubbermaid product on our “Top Sellers” list how they put these durable and maneuverable transportation tools to the test, we are sure you will get a wide-range of answers.  If you have large, hard-to-handle objects like mattresses, doors, tables with folding legs, cubicle walls, lumber and sheet panels, then this sheet and panel truck will handle the job perfectly, easily and safely.

What really makes these Rubbermaid sheet and panel trucks hot sellers here at RJ Cox comes down to the quality of the product.  And like all Rubbermaid products, these load transporters are the highest quality and come with a complete list of features.  Below are a few of those features which have our customers giving these workhorses a thumbs up.

The long service life and durability of these Rubbermaid 4468 Sheet & Panel Trucks comes from the duramold precision engineered resin and metal composite structure construction.  The vertical frame is 27-inches high and the deck is textured providing support and reducing slippage  for large, hard-to-handle items.  And if your load includes smaller pieces, the perimeter deck channel keeps those items from falling off the deck during transport.

Maneuverability – when it comes to large loads – is another of the many benefits these sheet and panel trucks offer our customers.  They feature two fixed and two swivel castors for optimal control and maneuverability.  There are also molded-in tie-down slots for load security and safety.

No matter how you look at it, these Rubbermaid sheet and panel trucks are the perfect tool for moving loads around the office, factory or workplace.  If they didn’t live up to their Rubbermaid label, then you definitely wouldn’t see them on our best-sellers list.  And remember, it was you – our customers – not our staff who put this product on our best-selling RJ Cox products list.

If you would like to learn more about the Rubbermaid 4468 Sheet & Panel Truck, please feel free to contact us here at RJ Cox.  And if you are one of our customers who already own one or more of these Rubbermaid products, please share your “load of choice” or the strangest load you’ve ever moved with these sheet and panel trucks.  We’d love to hear your stories even if they are tall tales.

RJ Cox

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