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RJ Cox Crowd Control Fencing Comes in All Shapes and Sizes to Fulfill All Your Pedestrian Control and Safety Needs

Crowd Control and SafetyPlanning a big event and expecting large crowds in the near future?  Need to put some workplace safety barriers on your loading dock?  Maybe, you are just so amazingly popular that you need to put up safety fencing to keep the masses from storming your home.  No matter what your reason for needing help with crowd control, RJ Cox has just the right pedestrian control product to fit the bill.

When you are hosting a large event for the New Years holiday or any other time of the year, you need an effective way to control crowds.  You also need to ensure that what you are using for crowd control fencing is sturdy and durable.  RJ Cox offers a few options when it comes to event fence crowd control fencing.  We also offer a superior product – Event Fence Forklift stillages – for storing your event storage safely and securely.

Our Event Fence – Modular and Portable Temporary Barrier System features everything you could want in interlocking free-standing fence panels to create a system for controlling crowds at festivals, concerts, parades and sporting events..  Constructed from fully-welded steel construction and available in two weights. this Event Fence offers the strength, durability and flexibility you’ll need for any size crowd.

Another of our popular crowd control fencing for events is the Crowd-Q Portable Events Fence.  This innovative interlocking fence product is constructed from lightweight but super-durable moulded polyethylene.  It comes in hi-viz safety orange and features built-in reflective panels along with child-safe 80mm panel openings.

If the crowd you need to control is the one that works on your loading dock, then we can also help.  No matter if you have a large workforce or a small group of individuals performing tasks on your loading dock, it makes good sense to provide protection and increase workplace safety with the addition of our Dock-Safe-Q Loading Dock Safety Barrier.  Make sure to visit our product web page to learn more about this light-weight, rapid-deployment, temporary safety barrier.

Our portable barrier systems are perfect for businesses of all sizes which need to control and direct pedestrians.  These systems come in all shapes and sizes with a wide-variety of functions.  From Rubbermaid Portable Barriers to Port-A-Guard Expanding Barriers to stands, signs and holders; our portable crowd control systems can help your business shuffle people through ticket lines or set up a temporary barrier for a small event.

If you have a crowd control need – no matter how large or small – RJ Cox has a solution.  Don’t take our word for it though.  Visit our main event fence crowd control fencing page on our website.  And, as always, contact us with any questions about our products or ordering from RJ Cox.

What’s the best crowd control solution you’ve seen in action?


Hotel Owners, Make the Right First Impression with Our Front of House Hospitality Equipment

21375228_mThink first impressions don’t count?  Remember all those first dates that never turned into second dates until you decided that showing up on your bicycle and asking your date to drive maybe wasn’t such a good idea?  First impressions also make a huge impact in the business world as well.  If you are in the hospitality business, then we’ve got a nice assortment of front of house items to make sure your hotel guests start their stay with great first impression.  Let’s take a look at some of this popular front of house hospitality equipment.

One way to make a first impression and serve a valuable purpose is to use stylish, attractive and high-quality hotel signage.  At RJ Cox, we offer a wide-variety of hotel signage to help direct your guests around your hotel, inform them on on-site events and to display your on-site restaurant menus.  Our signboards and signage offerings include decorative display stands, double-sided outdoor poster frames, internal/external display cases, ceiling mount poster snap frames and more which will help you make a great first impression and leave a lasting one as well.

Once your guests check-in, the last thing they want to do is stand around the lobby waiting for a trolley to get their luggage to their room. And the last thing you want is a pack of angry, exhausted, loud, complaining hotel guests with tired, not-so-well-behaved children in your lobby around greeting your other guests as they arrive.  To help speed up the process of moving your visitors along to their rooms, make sure you have an army of well-maintained, functional, clean and attractive trolley carts.  Our Australian-made birdcage trolley luggage carts are the perfect fit for the job.

Nothing says first-class hotel like piles of rubbish and hundreds of cigarette butts greeting your visitors at every entrance to your hotel.  Is that not the kind of first or lasting impression your business would like to make?  In that case, it is time to take a look at our cigarette ashtray disposal offerings.

To provide visitors to your hotel a way to dispose of both their cigarette butts and rubbish, RJ Cox offers a variety of ashtray bins.  To truly make a great first impression, we would suggest one of our brushed stainless bins with polished ashray tops.  These feature a galvanised liner for easy emptying and come with rubber on the bottom to protect floor surfaces.  Choose from three sizes and shapes including our most-popular 10-litre lobby ashtray bin, a smaller medium round ashtray bin and a uniquely-shaped 18-litre corner ashtray bin.

Remember, first impressions count and a bad first impression can easily turn what could be a repeat customer into a never-to-return again customer.  If you manage or own a hotel, make sure you have the highest-quality, attractive front of house hospitality equipment from RJ Cox.

 Tell us, What’s your all time favourite hotel?