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Rubbermaid Safety Signs Help Create a Happy, Safe Workplace Environment

Here at RJ Cox, we like to keep things on the light side.  However, one thing that is no laughing matter is workplace safety.  Work-related injuries cost Australian businesses billions of dollars yearly.  You can help your business not fall prey to workplace injuries and, worse yet, workplace fatalities by instilling proper training and utilising safety products when needed.

At RJ Cox, we implement workplace safety practices in our work environment, and we like to provide our customers with the best safety products available to ensure they keep their staff, teams and customers safe as well.  In today’s blog post, we’ll introduce you to our line of safety signs from Rubbermaid.

Our folding “Caution Wet Floor” Rubbermaid Safety Sign is an old-standard when it comes to workplace safety products.  This lightweight sign folds for easy transportation and storage.  And because it is from Rubbermaid, you can rest assured that – while it is lightweight in pounds – it is no lightweight when it comes to toughness.

For those of you looking for something a little different than the traditional folding safety sign, RJ Cox also carries the 4-Sided “Caution Wet Floor” Sign.  Like its 2-sided relative, this folding safety sign from Rubbermaid is durable and lightweight.  Unlike the traditional 2-sided sign, this sign features warnings in that are viewable from all four directions.

Need to block off a doorway while cleaning up a workplace spill?  You’ll want to pick up a few of our Rubbermaid Site Safety Hanging Signs.  This bright yellow sign and pole combination features the words “Closed for Cleaning” in bold black letters.  The pole’s torsion action allows you to hang this sign in any doorway grabbing the attention of individuals and blocking access to the area.  The materials are tough and durable and the sign itself is easily rolled up for storage.

Rubbermaid Pop-Up Safety Cones are a favorite for businesses.  Not only do they fold up easily and come with a wall-mounted storage tube, but they also feature multi-lingual caution warnings along with a wet floor symbol.  These safety cones are quick to deploy, easy to store and constructed to handle the abuse of any workplace.

No matter what type of workplace safety products you need, RJ Cox has you covered.  From safety step stools to the above safety signs from Rubbermaid, you’ll find the perfect product to help you establish a safe working environment.  Have any workplace safety tips or questions?  Please share them in our comment section below.




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Step to It with RJ Cox Step Stools and Safety Steps

Step_Safe_BobbySearching for step stools or safety steps?  RJ Cox has you covered.  And because we – like many others – know that variety is the spice of life, RJ Cox gives you a wide-range of safety steps and step stools to choose from in our inventory.  Folding, rolling, jumbo, 2-step, 3-step, stainless steel: you’ll wear yourself out just going through the list of RJ Cox step stools and safety steps.

And if we took the time to introduce you to every piece in our inventory, there would have no time to train for Ironman competitions or to even enjoy a cold, refreshing beer.  Instead, we’re going to share some of favorites here.  But to be the nice, customer-friendly company we are, we’ll also give you a link at the end of the post to our main step stools and safety steps website page so you can peruse our inventory yourself..

Our Superiorpak Step Safe is a favorite among our customers and is used by a number of businesses like Woolworths, Coles, Liquorland, Bunnings, Drillers World and Target.  What makes these safety steps from Superiorpak so popular?  Well, contrary to popular belief, we can’t read minds.  But we do have a good idea that some of the features like the extra wide base platform, no-slip steps and 200kg maximum weight load carrying capacity help.  Or, it could also be the fact that RJ Cox offers quantity discounts on these Superiorpak Step Safe steps that make them so popular.

We know how organised and efficient many of you are with your space because of the popularity of our line of containers.  That’s why we know customers like you will love our Folding Safety Step Ladders.  Not only do these step ladders fold for easy storage, but they also come in 2-step, 3-step and 4-step sizes.  And don’t mistake these for your ordinary step ladders.  These folding safety step ladders are lightweight, but they are also constructed from heavy-duty tubular steel making them perfect for industrial use.

We’ve only scratched the surface with the two items mentioned here on our blog.  If you want to check out – and we highly-recommend that you do – our entire inventory, just point and click your mouse over to our Safety Steps and Step Stools page on the RJ Cox website.   It’s a safe bet that you’ll find something that matches your requirements for a safe climbing apparatus.



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