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Tough Times for NSW Oyster Farmers Dealing with POMS

13535535_mHere at RJ Cox, we wanted to send out our thoughts and well wishes to NSW oyster farmers who are dealing with the recent outbreak of Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome.  The POMS outbreak is causing a dire situation with growers as millions of oysters were wiped out overnight in the Hawkesbury which is north of Sydney.  Sadly, even with the assistance of the NSW government, some oyster farmers could be forced to shut their doors and leave the industry.

The cause for Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome is still not clear.  However, many are linking the recent to heatwave to this outbreak.  While POMS is devastating to oyster crops, there is no health risk to humans and the oysters that are on the market are definitely safe for human consumption.  For those of you who have not kept up with this situation, here is an audio interview discussing the oyster disease in the Hawkesbury, NSW.

This news hits home here at RJ Cox not only because some of our customers are oyster farmers but also because Gary, one of our team members, is also an oyster farmer.  Knowing the industry and what kind of items are beneficial to oyster growers, Gary has sold RJ Cox products to many farmers in the past.

One of the most popular products oyster farmers purchased from RJ Cox are our 120 Litre Garbage Bins.  These affordable, foot-operated, 120-litre wheelie bins are hygienic, durable and perfect for discarded oyster shells.  We also offer a wide-range of food-grade stack and nest containers.  These lightweight, but very tough, containers are UV resistant and safe for food storage needs.  RJ Cox has been proud to provide our services and products to these oyster farmers and hope to continue to help their businesses’ prosper in the future.

We know that this is a tough time for the oyster industry and the oyster farmers affected by POMS.  We also know that these growers – many of whose families have been in the business for generations – are resilient and will withstand this setback.  Once again, our thoughts are with all these farmers and their families.  We wish them all the best.


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Nothing Beats Our Stainless Steel RuXXac Carts Except…


8985213_mDoes it get any better than the RuXXac Cart Exclusive folding trolley?

These collapsible carts are an IF design award winner and feature high-grade stainless steel.  Ask any of our satisfied customers and they will probably tell you that nothing beats a stainless steel RuXXac Cart.  This top-of-the-line hand truck is loaded with features.

So, how can it get any better?  How about a special promotion for these amazing folding carts?  More on that in a bit.  But first, let’s talk a little bit more about this great product.

This high-grade stainless steel model RuXXac Cart Exclusive hand truck  handles a maximum load capacity of 125kg.  And because the last thing you need when you are carrying a heavy load is to have a trolley that is a burden and adds to your weight load, you’ll love the fact that the RuXXac cart only weighs 6kg.  The designers also added ergonomically-designed handles to help alleviate any discomfort when carrying that load.

Customers also appreciate the convenience of the RuXXac Cart Exclusive hand truck.  We’ve already mentioned the trolley’s light weight  At 55mm thick when folded, these hand trucks are also perfect when you don’t have much storage space in your facility or extra room on your truck.  The RuXXac Cart also fold and unfold simply and quickly with a couple of simple actions.

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 2.18.03 PMWhen you use the stainless steel RuXXac Cart, you can rest assured that every load is safe and secure.  These hand carts feature a uniques system with an elastic strap and anchor bar to ensure your load stays put.  Plus, the cart’s puncture-safe tires prove worthy of handling any surface and any obstacle you might encounter when moving your loads.

You won’t have to worry about durability with these hand trucks either.  The manufacturer’s warranty for the RuXXac Cart Exclusive high grade stainless steel model is 5 years.  And if you ever do need any spare parts for your hand cart, RJ Cox has you covered.  We know you’ll absolutely love these RuXXac Cart Exclusive hand trucks.

As we mentioned previously, we just can’t think of anything that could make these folding trolleys any more desirable or any better.  The only thing that could beat these RuXXac collapsible carts is for RJ Cox to beat our regular price.  So because of that, we decided to put an exclusive, special price on these carts.  But hurry, because this promotion – and our product inventory – won’t last.

Order your RuXXac Cart Exclusive hand truck today or contact RJ Cox to learn more about this great product and limited deal.

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Praise – another happy RJ Cox customer

9741013_mBased on MY experience with them, (and if it were up to me) RJ Cox Engineering would “scoop the pool” next weekend at the Best Small Business Awards!

It’s my firm opinion that the true nature of a supplier is more likely to be revealed when things go wrong, as distinct from when all is well.

When my fabulous RuXXac XL Hand Cart was delivered to me over a year ago, with its German factory seals still unbroken, it proved to be one of the very few that hadn’t been properly assembled. The result was a folding mechanism that “bound” on deployment.

Contacting RJ Cox Engineering http://www.rjcox.com.au/ecms/ yielded an instant response along the lines of “We stand by everything we sell. We’ll sort it out as soon as you can get it to us.”

Accordingly, I dropped in to their Mt Kuring-Gai base in Sydney’s North, to be welcomed as though I was actually a part of their family-run company.

I’d never encountered them before …and haven’t done so since the immediate inspection, full overhaul and test of my (subsequently correctly assembled) trolley, a rapid procedure that happened before my astonished eyes.

This hand truck’s worked almost every day since. It shifts roughly half a tonne of heavy road cases in and out of venues almost every day, occasionally via staircases and over rough ground.

It’s amazingly compact, easy to store and deploy, astonishingly light, yet very rugged, as well as being super-smooth over terrain.

I thought I’d hold off a fair while on writing about it, just in case something in its uniquely compact and featherweight mechanism would fail in use that regularly borders on abuse.

I’ve given up waiting.

It doesn’t ever look like its going to happen.


(Sydney, Australia)

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Tooting Our Own Horn with a Side of Customer Appreciation – Thanks from RJ Cox

5277270_mWait,,,do you hear that?  Hard to distinguish isn’t it?  Need a hint?  That sound you would be hearing loud and clear – if our blog appealed to the sense of hearing – it’s the sound of the RJ Cox crew patting ourselves on the back.  And yes, if you could see this spectacle of our entire team contorting and hitting ourselves on the backs, you’d definitely have a good laugh!

Why all the back-patting?  Well, we’re just really excited for making the finals the Best Small Business Awards at the upcoming Business Excellence Forum in Sydney.  The event, held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre February 21 – 23, wraps up with, “a black-tie gala event recognizing the ‘Best of the Best’ in small and medium sized business achievement and success.”  So yes, not only do we have a chance to take home a humongous trophy (we hope) but we also get to show off in our fancy black-tie attire.

What is the Business Excellence Forum?  This is a two-day business educational event featuring, “8 of the top speakers in the world of small business, as well as daily breakout sessions.”  Of course, knowing the RJ Cox team the way we do, they’ll be just as excited about the food and drink as they are picking up on a few, new business strategies.

But in all seriousness, we want to thank all of our wonderful customers for your support of RJ Cox.  Each of you should take a moment to pat yourself on the back as well.  Our business could never be in the position to be recognised for an award like this without your support.

We’ll keep you informed on how the awards go and whether or not we walk away with a big trophy.  In fact, if we do take home one of the top spots and bring home a trophy, maybe we’ll have a party here at RJ Cox and invite each of you.  Of course, to protect our trophy, we might just have to display it – locked up safe a sound – in one of our safety cages.  This lockable, secure and sturdy Gas Cylinder Storage Cage for Cranes should do the trick!

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RJ Cox-Sponsored Hornsby RSL Darts Teams Ready for Another Big Year

13916248_mIt’s that time of the year again!  RJ Cox is once again a proud sponsor of  two Hornsby RSL Darts teams.  RJ Cox is excited to be the shirt sponsor for both the A and B Grade teams.

The season begins soon (possibly underway as you are reading this) and we look forward to another great year of success.  Last year’s RJ Cox-sponsored teams were knocked out in the sudden death rounds of the semi-finals.  This year’s teams look to improve on last year’s success and bring home the big trophy.

Best of luck to the Hornsby RSL Darts teams!  We’ll keep everyone up to date on their journey to the championship.  Here we go!

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When the Camping Bug Bites Visit the RJ Cox Website

13242018_mDo you find yourself sitting in your office cubicle daydreaming of crackling campfires?  Have your co-workers nudged you from a fog as you stood, dazed, lost in thoughts of rushing rivers while the office building’s bathroom sink overflowed onto your dress shoes?  Do you have your computer set to go to a starry night screensaver after one minute of inactivity?

Well mate, it sounds like you have the camping bug really bad!  And we know what you’re thinking.  You’re fretting over the fact that you ex ran off with your favorite canoe.  You’re worried that your ice chest still hasn’t recovered from last year’s severe case of black mould.

Well, don’t worry one minute longer.  In fact, make plans now to take care of that camping bug by planning your next trip to the great outdoors.  Here at RJ Cox, well, we’ll take care of your camping gear needs.

Forget about that old canoe of yours.  Our Superiorpak E482 Pioneer Canoe 3.65Mt is just what the doctor ordered.  This canoe is manufactured from double wall polyethylene skin making it virtually indestructible and unsinkable.  It is the perfect canoe for taking two people and their gear up narrow waterways to secluded locations.  You’ll forget all about that old, beat up canoe and your ex, after you spend a weekend paddling with that new, special someone and your new Pioneer Canoe from RJ Cox.

To make sure all your important camping gear and camping supplies make it safely and soundly to your final destination, you’ll want to take a look at Spacecase Storage Containers and our Superiorpak Cool Bins.  RJ Cox has a number of options (from insulated to weatherproof storage) to choose from and a number of sizes within each of those storage options.  Here’s a quick look at a couple favorites.

Our Rubbermaid ActionPacker storage containers are as tough and durable as they come.  You can choose from 3 sizes.  Each size is easy to tie-down with bungee cords and every size comes with lockable latches for protecting your important gear.  Like all Rubbermaid products, these ActionPacker storage containers are made to last.

Unless you plan to forage, hunt and fish for your meals, then you need to take along plenty of food on your camping trip.  And don’t forget about the beer.  RJ Cox has a surefire way to ensure your food and drink stays safe and cool during transport and after your arrival.

Keeping your food and drink supply cool and fresh is never going to be an issue when you choose from one of our Superiorpak Cool Bins.  These cool bins are highly resistant to impact and extreme temperatures.  Plus, they are sealed with food grade neoprene and insulated with high-density foam.  Yes, they are mostly used in the food and food transportation industries.  But if you going to go with something, why not go with the best?

So stop daydreaming about your next camping trip.  Start making plans to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.  RJ Cox might not have everything you need.  But the things we do have will be the envy of all those you meet at your next campfire.

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Rubbermaid High Chairs – Good for Restaurants and Perfect for Parents

6367985_mWhen you think children’s high chairs, you probably don’t think RJ Cox.

Well parents, remember the last time you dined out with your young one in tow?  Remember your server bringing a high chair to your table?  Well, its very possible that  your child enjoyed her or his meal while sitting in a Rubbermaid high chair.  And it’s very possible that high chair came from RJ Cox,

Restaurants love our Rubbermaid 7814 Sturdy Chair Child Seats for many reasons.  Most importantly, these children’s high chairs meet the latest ASTM 404-99 safety standards.  Because of the material and way they are constructed, these high chairs from Rubbermaid are very easy to clean.  They are also extremely stable, strong, durable and – because of the built-in handle – easily portable.  And because looks do matter, the contemporary style is easy on the eyes as well.

So, here’s a thought for those parents out there.  This Rubbermaid high chair has everything -from safety, to stability, to style – parents seek when trying to find the perfect child’s high chair.  Why not choose Rubbermaid when picking your next chair or when buying a baby gift for expecting parents?  And because restaurant owners probably don’t want to part with theirs, RJ Cox will be glad to sell one (or as many as you want) of ours.

Our Rubbermaid 7814 Sturdy Chair Child Seats come either with or without wheels.  They will arrive at your front door ready to assemble.  And don’t forget to order a tray.  You can order your high chair with an optional, sturdy chair tray which can easily be removed with one hand.

Rubbermaid is known for making high-quality, long-lasting products.  You probably have a few Rubbermaid products in your household right now.  We know you will be happy with your Rubbermaid 7814 Sturdy Chair Child Seat purchase.  But don’t take our word for it.  Trish and Matt – parents who purchased one of these high chairs – tell us it was the, “Best purchase ever!”

Have any questions about our Rubbermaid high chairs and trays?  Do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.

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