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Protect Your Family and Property During Bush Fire Season

Thursday, January 31st, 2013 at 1:21 am

9773472_sWith the summer bush fire season upon us, it is important to have the right plans and the right tools to help protect you and your family.  One of the keys to your safety both before a fire impacts your property or while defending your property is access to water.  You will want to use this water to wet down your property and the area around your home as a bush fire approaches.  And, of course, you will need access to water in order to put out any embers or spot fires if you choose to stay and defend your home.

Here at RJ Cox, we are happy to offer two water tank options to our customers.  Both our 400L capacity Superiorpak Rotomould Versatile Utility Tank and our 1000L capacity Superiorpak Rotomould Versatile Utility Tank  are extremely helpful during bush fire season.  Both of these tanks are designed as firefighter tanks.  They fit in most trailers and utilities which makes them portable enough to both wet down and put out fires that pop up in outlying areas of your property.

These Superiorpak Fire Fighter Utility Tanks easily connect to hoses as both models feature 38mm threaded brass inserts.  Our 400L capacity utility tank is also available with a 20mm threaded brass insert.  The size of the 400L tank is 1070 x 900 x 600mm while the 1000L tank is 1400 x 1250 x 820mm.  Both of these tanks can also be used to store and transport fertilisers, chlorine-based cleaners, insecticides and other non-dangerous fluids.

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Whether you purchase a water tank from RJ Cox or not, please make sure you and your family do take adequate safety measures in preparation for bush fires.  If you do not have a plan in place for how you will handle an emergency situation, make one now.  The Australian government’s Bush Fire Survival Plan is a good place to start.

Do you have a bush fire survival plan?

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