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The Popularity of Carver Surf Racks is No Surprise to Surfers Who Own One or Three

7732368_mWhy are Carver Surf Racks so popular?  Well, pull up a seat, this could take a while.  Seriously though, these surf racks from Carver are the rack of choice when it comes to surfers using two-wheel transportation.  Bicycles, mopeds, scooters: Carver Surf Racks blow any other racks out of the water.  And come on, Carver’s birthplace was the North Shore of Hawaii so you know they have surfing running in their veins.

Versatility Personified

One of the biggest benefits of Carver’s racks has to be the versatility.  The Carver Max Surf Rack handles boards up to 10’.  The Carver Mini Surf Rack holds boards up to 8’ and the Carver Scooter Moped Surf Rack is sturdy enough to also hold surfboards up to 10’ in length.  Size isn’t all the matters with Carver surfboard racks.  These racks are also versatile enough to provide a perfect fit for your beach cruiser, full suspension mountain bike, tandem bicycle, full size scooter and mopeds.  If you travel on two wheels, Carver has you covered.

Safe and Snug

Surfers love these racks because these racks love their surfboards.  The last thing you want when you are carrying precious cargo is an unsturdy, weak rack.  Carver Surf Racks are made with 6061 alloy and tig welded.  Along with strength, another by-product of using aluminum is that your surfboard rack will fend off rust.  And the design of Carver’s racks holds your board snug and secure without harming your board or your bike.

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 10.06.04 AM

The Intangibles

The last thing you want to deal with when you purchase any product is a complicated installation process.  These racks are easy to install and come with all the tools needed to have you and your board on the way to the beach fast.  As we all know, handmade products are hard to come by these days.  Owners of these racks appreciate the detail and quality in every handmade surf rack the Carver creates.  With over 2,000 sold, a long list of satisfied customers and a host of professional surfers who use Carvers, you can count on your surf rack being one of your new favorite purchases.

“When I ride my bike down to Sunset, Wiamea, or Pipe, I know I can carry my board on my bike with ease. It doesn’t matter if I am carrying a shortboard, a longboard or a big wave gun, these are absolute best surf board bicycle racks you can get!” 
-Garrett Mcnamara

The best way to find out why Carver Surf Racks are so popular is to try one out for yourself.  We know you won’t be let be down by any of the three surfboard racks from Carver that we offer to our customers.

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Protect Your Family and Property During Bush Fire Season

9773472_sWith the summer bush fire season upon us, it is important to have the right plans and the right tools to help protect you and your family.  One of the keys to your safety both before a fire impacts your property or while defending your property is access to water.  You will want to use this water to wet down your property and the area around your home as a bush fire approaches.  And, of course, you will need access to water in order to put out any embers or spot fires if you choose to stay and defend your home.

Here at RJ Cox, we are happy to offer two water tank options to our customers.  Both our 400L capacity Superiorpak Rotomould Versatile Utility Tank and our 1000L capacity Superiorpak Rotomould Versatile Utility Tank  are extremely helpful during bush fire season.  Both of these tanks are designed as firefighter tanks.  They fit in most trailers and utilities which makes them portable enough to both wet down and put out fires that pop up in outlying areas of your property.

These Superiorpak Fire Fighter Utility Tanks easily connect to hoses as both models feature 38mm threaded brass inserts.  Our 400L capacity utility tank is also available with a 20mm threaded brass insert.  The size of the 400L tank is 1070 x 900 x 600mm while the 1000L tank is 1400 x 1250 x 820mm.  Both of these tanks can also be used to store and transport fertilisers, chlorine-based cleaners, insecticides and other non-dangerous fluids.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 12.17.03 PM

Whether you purchase a water tank from RJ Cox or not, please make sure you and your family do take adequate safety measures in preparation for bush fires.  If you do not have a plan in place for how you will handle an emergency situation, make one now.  The Australian government’s Bush Fire Survival Plan is a good place to start.

Do you have a bush fire survival plan?

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Clax Carts take Center Court in My Australian Open Induced Daydream

4714932_mSo as I sat in an Australian Open induced coma from hour upon hour of watching yellow balls being battered by blistering hundred-mile-an-hour serves, my attention was momentarily captured by the Clax Cart Clax Trolley folded nicely in the corner.  And it came to me at that moment.  This utility cart would be the perfect tool for tennis coaches.  It could also be an awesome tool for players like myself who have no chance of ever finding ourselves in lengthy volleys with Serena Williams or Roger Federer.

Think about it.  The supplied, collapsible basket can hold a boatload of balls with room for a few tennis rackets to spare.  My twelve-pack of beer – I mean water – bottles would sit solidly on the sturdy bottom tray.  It’s mobile and easy to handle; allowing it to roll across the court as I pick up all my errant practice shots.

The foot-operated parking brake will keep the cart in place while my instructor pulls balls out of the basket to lob softly to me for my practice shots.  And when I’m worn out after ten to fifteen minutes of fast-paced (based on the speed of a slug mind you) tennis practice, it collapses with the push of one button to fit easily in my car.  This is a perfect utility cart for the tennis court!

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 12.59.14 PMThe Clax Cart 2-tier collapsible folding trolley has been a fixture in offices, nursing homes, hospitals and other business environments for years.  But this idea – my idea – of bringing it to the tennis arena was certainly a stroke of sheer, self-anointed, genius.  While congratulating myself with few pats on the back, a loud, Sharapova grunt woke me from my daydream.

I smiled and looked at my Clax Cart Clax Trolley once again in the corner.  I thought – for a very brief moment – about taking it out to the practice court.  But instead, I settled back onto the sofa and had another sip of beer.

And then it hit me…that Clax Utility Cart would make the perfect baby stroller.  What do you think?


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A Nostalgic Look Back at the Humble Beginnings of Rubbermaid

12097934_mRJ Cox is no stranger when it comes to Rubbermaid products.  Our product line is loaded with a wide range of products from Rubbermaid.  Our customers love purchasing Rubbermaid products and we love selling them products from the Rubbermaid line.

And while we could go on and on about the amazing features found in everything from Slim Jim Containers to Side Panel Platform Trucks, we wanted to discuss something a little different.  We wanted to get a little nostalgic and take a walk through some of the interesting history behind the Rubbermaid company and its durable, useful product line.  After all, what better way to learn about the present than to take a glimpse into the past.

The next time you are relaxing and daydreaming about your favorite Rubbermaid products take the time to give thanks to balloons.  That’s right: balloons.  You see, the humble beginnings of this now world-famous company started in a factory that created toy balloons.  But alas, the Wooster Rubber Company was not the true beginning of Rubbermaid.  It was, however, where the company grew to prominence over the next decades.

You see, it wasn’t balloons that officially launched Rubbermaid.  That honor goes to the dustpan.  That’s right: the dustpan.  Prior to 1933, dustpans were made from metal which could both cause damage to walls and also be easily damaged.  Then along came the Caldwells.

James Caldwell and his wife Madeline had a solution for this mounting metal dustpan dilemma.  That solution was rubber.  Not just any rubber, but a brightly colored rubber both created from a new technique and also patented.  What did they decide to call their product line?  You guessed it – Rubbermaid.

The toy balloon factory and the indestructible – while brightly-colored and attractive – dustpan came together in 1934.  From there the company continued to innovate and grow into the Rubbermaid we have come to love today.  So the next time you see a young child happily holding a toy balloon, you might find yourself – like us – drifting off into daydreams about brightly colored trash bins, mop buckets and yes, dustpans.

Tell us in the comments, what’s your favorite rubbermaid product?

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