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Linen Exchange Trolleys

We  are now offering 2 different brands of Tall Body Mobile Linen Trolleys for Soiled and Clean Linen,

We have for years had success supplying major linen handling companies in Australia the Nylex Tallboy Linen Trolley, this unit can be supplied with or without wire mesh shelves and with a range of castor configurations.

Nylex Tall Boy Trolley

We are now offering a new range of Mobile Linen Storage Trucks being the Linen Exchange Trolleys.

LET1 – Linen Exchange Trolley LET2 – Linen Exchange Trolley LET3 – Linen Exchange Trolley

LET1 – Linen Exchange Trolley (Pictured Left)

  • Shelves slot in front to form a large bin
  • Narrow design for easy doorway access

Dimensions 1140mm Long, 640mm wide 1470mm high*

LET2 – Linen Exchange Trolley (Pictured Middle)

  • Large radius corners
  • High front cut out
  • Optimum size for freight inside trucks

Dimensions 1050mm long, 710mm wide, 1450mm high*

LET3 – Linen Exchange Trolley (Pictured Right)

  • Low profile design for improved vision
  • Document Holder
  • High front cut out

Dimensions 1050mm long, 710mm wide, 1300mm high*

* You need to allow an addition 192mm to the overall height of the trolley to include castors.


Stockmaster Navigator Mobile Ladder

The Facts about Stockmaster Navigator Mobile Platforms (Rolling Ladders)

  • It is a much safer product
  • It is easier and faster to move around
  • It can be used as a trolley (most others can not)
  • It has a safety railing system that can be adjusted to suit the job
  • It is available with an automatic closing gate at the platform entry
  • It meets Australian, New Zealand and European Union Standards and, it costs less in the long run

Stockmaster Navigator is a very safe and easy to use mobile work platform. It features a Move, Steer and Brake control which eliminates the need for springs, folding steps, wheel brakes and other devices. Taking hold of the control raises the unit to the mobile position and provides easy steering. Release of the control automatically returns Navigator to the stationary mode where it is braked, totally stable and has all four feet in contact with the floor at all times. All skating and movement associated with designs that use springs or foot pedals is eliminated, and there is no movement as the operator moves about the platform.

One control does it all creating a much safer product.

With the Move, Steer and Brake control actuated, the operator is positioned away from the front of the ladder to allow a normal walking step, and the unit moves quickly with minimal effort. Navigator will move to a new position in less than half the time of competing products. The Move, Steer and Brake control also enables the platform to be used as a trolley. Navigator is easier and faster to move around saving time and equipment.

Navigator is supplied with a flexible Platform Safety Rail system which can be set up to three different configurations to provide improved ergonomics and easy access for stock picking, maintenance tasks and many other applications, and when fitted with the Auto-Safe Gate the operator is protected from accidentally stepping off the front of the platform.

Stockmaster Navigator is a modular design enabling parts replacement in the event of accidental damage. It is manufactured from high quality materials and built to last. With reasonable care Stockmaster Navigator will give many years of service, and cost less in the long run.

Stockmaster Navigator meets or exceeds all the requirements of the Australian / New Zealand standard AS/NZS 1892.1:1996 and the European Standard EN 131: Parts 1 and 2

Stockmaster Navigator – not just a platform ladder

Other Stockmaster Ladders
Stockmaster Tracker (Left)
Stockmaster Tilt-N-Toe (Centre)
Stockmaster Electric Lift-Truk (Right)
Stockmaster Lift-Truk
Stockmaster Mezzanine Ladder



Heavy Duty Steel Deck Platform Trolleys with Rubber Matting and D Buffers

Cox Engineering have been providing the Australian market with their Australian made range of materials handling trolleys, selling them into some of the biggest companies in Australia for both industrial and commercial use.

Heavy Duty Steel Deck Platform With D Buffer and Rubber MattingWe have found one particular configuartion to be very popular, this being the the 1200 x 735mm size with Ribbed matting and D Buffer.

Features INclude

  • Fully welded heavy duty platform trolley
  • Mounted on 2 x Fixed and 2 x Swivel Blue Rubber Castors Fallshaw O Series Castors 
  • Anti Slip hard wearing ribbed matting protects the trolley from damage for increased life and also reduces the chance of items falling off the trolleys deck
  • Full wrap around 25mm Non Marking D Buffer protects Walls 
  • Platform Trolley Surface 1200x735mm deck
  • Australian Made Quality Product
  • 500kg capacity
  • These trolleys are made to order and usually involve a lead time
  • Other Sizes available on request and are priced on application

For More Information please click on the Below link

Platform Trolley with Rubber Matting and D Buffer