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Moving Shipping Containers and other Large and Heavy Equipment

Ever neded to move large heavy objects, such as shipping containers, machinery or vessels. Then Pacific Load Rollers maybe your solution.

Mission: To move a shipping Container into position where is can be worked on, unloaded or kept when forklift or overhead lifting is restricted 

Solution: The Shipping Container Or Large Heavy Item is Placed onto 2 fixed and 2 swivel load rollers, two people with or without the assistance of a tug or pushing device steer the container into it’s new position where it can be jacked up and lowered onto a Block

Pacific Load Roller
Pacific Load Roller

What is Required: 2 x  PLR040 4 Tonne Fixed Rollers & 2 x PLR045 4 Tonne Swivel Rollers this will give you a carrying capacity of 16 Tonne. This application requires a smooth concrete floor, if floor is uneven the Pacific Load Skates maybe concidered

Heavier applications will require the use of 6 tonne, 12 tonne or up to 24 tonne rollers

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Pacific Load Rollers

Model Capacity
Type Plate
w x l
Wheels Wheel
d x w
PLR020 2 Fixed 95 x 260 115x270x110 2 82 x 100 Nylon 7.5
PLR040 4 Fixed 190 x 260 230x270x110 4 82 x 100 Nylon 17
PLR045 4 Swivel 180 x 115 250x310x110 4 82 x 100 Nylon 16
PLR060 6 Fixed 285 x 260 345x270x110 6 82 x 100 Nylon 25
PLR065 6 Swivel 220 x 395 560x95x110 8 82 x 100 Nylon 50
PLR120 12 Fixed 230 x 270 400x345x145 8 115 x 60 Nylon 26
PLR245 24 Swivel 270 Dia  1120x415x145 16 115 x 60 Nylon 160

  Load Rollers & Skates PDF Complete Range