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Platform Trolleys – Choosing the right one for you

There are basically 3 sizes of platform trolley – Prestar NF301 Folding Handle Platform Flat Bed  Trolley 300kg Capacity

Small 740 x 480mm – 150kgs
Medium 900 x 600mm – 250 to 300kgs
Large 1200 x 750mm – 500kgs

The 3 brands we choose to distribute are Armstrong, Rapini and Prestar.

Armstrong Platform Trolleys are a good economical choice, these they are a well made unit with a push handle height 875mm.

Rapini Platform Trolleys are made in Thailand, they normally have a slightly larger deck size than the Armstrong and the overall handle height is 1000mm. Plenty of options available (Dual Handle, Wire Mesh, Plastic Deck)  

Prestar Platform Trolleys are the crème de la crème of platform Trolleys, they are made in Japan and of the highest quality component. Handle height on these is 1000mm, Plenty of options available (Dual Handle, Wire Mesh, Plastic Deck, Hand Brakes/Castor Brakes, Pnuematic Wheels)  

Please look at our range of platform trolleys and see which one suits your requirements

Other Platform Trolleys we have recently added to our range include

Ruxxac Truck
Rubbermaid Platform Trolleys

Aluminium Platform Trolley

Prestar NG401 Folding Handle Platform Flat Bed Trolley 500kg Capacity

Furniture Dolleys Designed to Make your Life Easier

Furniture Dolly’s – Our Most popular option is the our Removalist Quality Furniture Dolly with ribbed rubber matting, it has a cut out carry handle for transporting the unit when no in use and is mounted on 4 quality 100mm dia Blue Rubber  swivel  castors and has a maximum carrying capacity of 400kgs



This particular unit has a deck size of  750 x 550mm designed for moving furniture, machinery,  Carpet etc

Other Dolleys/Skates  we can offer are:

Fallshaw Wheels & Castors Master Distributor

Fallshaw Wheels and Castors

As a Fallshaw Wheel & Castor Master Distributor we have Excellent Fallshaw product knowledge, and carry a large range of stock on the shelf and we are more than happy to supply you with a quote either over the phone, email or in store

Below is a list of the Fallshaw Core Product Range, Please feel free to download the PDF’s and contact our office for a quote. Please have model number, Quantity and Destination so we can supply you with our most competitive quote.

Fallshaw L Series 30kg Core Castors
Fallshaw K Series 50-65kg Core Castors
Fallshaw M Series 85-150kg Economy Castors
Fallshaw O Series 300-360kg Core Castors
Fallshaw H Series Core Castors 180-500kg Castors
Fallshaw Pneumatic Wheels